Thursday, September 2, 2010

Achievement Bounty 9-1-2010

Not much going on here.

AB Daily Audio

*Sorry for the low volume, will be fixing that next time so you won't have to crank it up.*

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

Rush for Chaos says: I'm fucking exhausted. I just woke up and I got literally no sleep, if that makes any sense. I have bags under my eyes and I feel like utter shit. Regardless, I want to make sweet love to your gs. I WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU, LIKE YOU WANT ME TOOOOOO

S83: hmmm, 3 days in a row where someone wants 480,000 shoved up their ass's. Richard Simmons would be proud, Rand al thor, too.

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  1. See, I'd tell you I'd make sweet love to your GS too, but I hate waiting in line.