Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Podcast: Party Chat Podcast - Episode #2

Featuring: MajinFro, Omega Deez, Rand al Thor 19, and Stallion83.

Show notes:
Intro Music By Omega Deez
Games Played
Interview with StophJ about his exploits of catching cheaters for MS
Part 1 of our Kinect feature - guest opinion StophJ
Who Let The Nub In?
Explanation of segment by Rand
Disclaimer of our use of Nubs and Scrubs
Segment Intro (Music By Omega, Vocals by Fro)
The Nub
Listener Question regarding Saving Carmine in GoW3
Cheevo/Chievo disgruntles 3 out of 4 of us

If you have a question that you would like answered during the next podcast, leave us a comment or a tweet. We would be happy to answer.

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  1. Nice podcast. Question- Why have NONE of you bloggers enjoyed the wonderous delights of WSC Real 09 World Snooker Championship?


    Yes, thats my tag.

  2. What are your opinions on un-achievable achievements?

  3. I have a question about how do you get the japan games? i've looked on gamefly but, couldn't find any. Do you have to order them or have your account linked to another country.

  4. @Joseph

    You need buy them from play-asia or similar sites that are for importing japanese/korean games and you need a japanes xbox as well.

    I thought off a question, how do you guys feel about the cost of importing games like the jap. dating sims with the cost/time played was it worth it?

  5. Hi, I have a question for the podcast.

    Have any of you experienced the Red Ring with an import console. I've been debating importing for a long while but never do because I don't know what the situation is if you send an import console into Microsoft. Will they fix it and send you back one of the same region, mess up or not fix it at all?

    Thanks :)

  6. I have another question- How many of you will be picking up a Windows 7 phone, what attitude will you have towards it and what are your hopes and expectations for it?

    If you choose to answer only one of my questions, choose this one, please :)

  7. You hate the word cheevo/chievo. How do you feel when someone refers to an achievement as a cheese-mint (I would like to hand them over to Al-Qaeda myself)