Monday, August 9, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-8-2010

4. Anybody know of a good game to play when you're sick? I'm a very impatient gamer when I am. I don't get sick often, knock on wood, maybe a completed game a day will keep the doctor away? Probably not again, but maybe we need Sick Game HD on XBLA. Not sick as in awesome, but sick as in pukey.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

Rand al Thor 19 says: im going to see Inception tomorrow, so prepare to get spoiled bitch. Snape killed Dumbledore!!!!

Time travel is the only explanation.


  1. You've already played everything. Id suggest Deadly Premonition.

  2. I see you haven't played Bakugan Brawlers yet. It's a pokemon type game, only better. My kid plays it, thus so do I. You could 1000 it in about 10 hours.

  3. More like 15 hours, and there are 4 other stackable batmans. If you are sick then maybe you should take a break dude, no need making it worse by playing games.

  4. As if Thor will understand Inception.