Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-15-2010

The free co-op DLC in Red Dead was fun, just take your time with the advanced missions and you shouldn't have too much trouble. Samurai Shodown SEN is not a good fighting game by any means. Coming off Blazblue really makes it feel insignificant. Easy achievement to be had, but crap game. I really hate it.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

jump you says: Lol, you must be one of those people who dont respond to messages when they get them. I dont understand why.

S83: lololololol. I don't see the lol in that. I'm on my Xbox 360 to play games, not to answer messages all day. So, I guess I'm "One of those people." A crew of midgets and I are coming for you.

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