Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Completed Game: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Basically what we have here is an extended demo for Dead Rising 2 with achievements. If you like Dead Rising, you will enjoy this. Still the same zombie killing fun to be had. The loading times are horrible and the frame rate could use a little more love. Strange bug or just happening to me, but for some reason every time I saved or loaded up the game, it would freeze up for at least 30 seconds. I cannot wait for Dead Rising 2 to come out, I've got blue balls. Worth the $5, but don't expect to climax until 9/28/2010.

Achievement Bounty 8-29-2010

The multiplayer in Singularity is kinda fun, but it will get boring after you win about the first 25 games. I don't really care for the creatures vs soldiers mode(TDM) but I do enjoy extermination. Takes some time because you have to play 100 extermination games and then you have to win 25 in creatures vs zombies. Easily takes 25+ hours for all of that. The good thing is, you can invite a friend in and they will stay on your team. Didn't see too many quitters, either. I'm guessing because they wanted more games played.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

OpTic eXTrem3 says: WTF is wrong with u get a FUKIN LIFE u pathetic piece of shit u little nerd fuck. PLAY A sport and get some air u little dick fuck. FUK U

S83: I run the train on yo momma, is that considered a sport? It sounded like we were playing tennis to me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-28-2010

Singularity is a quality SP game for sure, feels a lot like Bioshock to me. I'd say it's the 2nd best SP FPS on the system this year. Didn't play a lot of Mafia II but I like what I'm seeing. The dialog had me cracking up and the story seems interesting. Better than both the Godfather games, anything else is TBD.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

HookEmHorns1985 says: Dude maybe think about puttin the controller down and get laid every once in a while! Ur gamerscore is fuckin ridiculous!!

S83: Come play some Co-op with me.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Completed Game: NCAA Football 11

Not sure why I wanted to go back and finish it up. Something just clicked I guess, so I did, on my terms. Hopefully that doesn't change too much here in a few weeks. Great football game, but will not change your mind if you never cared for them before.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-17-2010 - 8-27-2010

Most of this was done on the 17th and 18th before I went on vacation. I was able to get the last three achievements I needed in Race Pro while I was away. Played an hour here and there and got that crap done. An hour or so at a time was about all I could bare. Girls take a while to get ready so I used those opportunities wisely. They tend to sleep longer than the average gamerscore whore also. I had a good trip, but now it's time to punish my Xbox. MUSH MUSH!

Completed Game: Race Pro

What a grind this game was. Simulation racer that is decent at best. It takes a good while to do the career mode. Roughly 568 laps at 2 minutes a pop, which is almost 19 hours. All in all, it takes 30+ hours to complete everything. 30 minutes of fun to be had if you are lucky. Not a hard game to do, just long and snoring.

Completed Game: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

I think I got it done last Sunday. I can sum it up in one word: Disappointing. Yes, it's better than the first, but it has a ton of problems. One being how it freezes up in co-op and drops you from the game. It's also extremely laggy for the person not hosting. There's a good reason why the demo didn't feature co-op, the net code is horrible. The online stuff takes a good chunk of time due to all the sore losers out there. It's sad to see that so many of my fellow gamers are quitters. You need to get your ass kicked before you get good at almost anything in life. Learn from your beatings, don't run like cowards. I for one, won't run off with my tail between my legs.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Podcast: Party Chat Podcast - Episode #4

Featuring: MajinFro, Omega Deez, Rand al Thor 19, and Stallion83 with special guest Smrnov

Games Played
Theme By Omega and Fro
Prison Break Theme from OST (The In-Ba-Tweener)
Theme from Time by Hans Zimmer
Who Let The Nub In?
Theme By Omega and Fro
Tales From Detroit
Theme by Omega and Fro
Bioshock Infinite
Jordan Challenges
Listener Question : How We Met
Theme by Omega and Fro
GSL History Lesson

Look for the podcast to be Bi-weekly now.

If you have a question that you would like answered during the next podcast, leave us a comment or a tweet. We would be happy to answer.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-16-2010

Now that's what I'm talkin' bout. More horse achievement tiles, please.

Cup cakes were made when Red Dead first came out by my girlfriend. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

HOOSIERDADDY360 says: do i need to fill out an app to be your friend?

S83: You have to murder someone currently on my friend list. A good place to start would be the alphabet Y. One more hint, birth control. That's for the 2 people out there that know what I'm talking about.

Completed Game: Samurai Shodown SEN

Not a very good fighting game to be honest. The strangest thing about the game is that there's a character that has the right bear arms. Everyone else is rockin' giant sticks, swords, and blades. If used by the right person, the guy with the shotgun should always win. Too bad you can't use him in story mode. For Survival mode, bring your shotgun and bust some caps.

Completed Game: Red Dead Redemption

I know it's an extremely popular game and most people will try to down play it. I think it's a hell of a single player game. I don't dig the MP at all, but the single player is top notch. Everybody and their brother has played this by now, but if you haven't, you should give it a shot. The best western game ever made. Easily in the top 10 games of the year. Looking forward to more single player content, which will take away my completion. :(

Achievement Bounty 8-15-2010

The free co-op DLC in Red Dead was fun, just take your time with the advanced missions and you shouldn't have too much trouble. Samurai Shodown SEN is not a good fighting game by any means. Coming off Blazblue really makes it feel insignificant. Easy achievement to be had, but crap game. I really hate it.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

jump you says: Lol, you must be one of those people who dont respond to messages when they get them. I dont understand why.

S83: lololololol. I don't see the lol in that. I'm on my Xbox 360 to play games, not to answer messages all day. So, I guess I'm "One of those people." A crew of midgets and I are coming for you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-14-2010

Legends and Killers pack for Red Dead is useless garbage. Buy only for achievements, nothing exciting comes from it. The free co-op DLC is a much more substantial piece of content. Supreme Commander 2 is a must for console players that like RTS games. One of the best on the system. They did a good job of making it work with the controller, feels just as good as Halo Wars.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

incredable fail says: hey can u modd me to10th for free it says on ur techgame profile

S83: You wouldn't believe how many messages I get about this. Sorry, not the guy you are looking for.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-13-2010

Back to to the Old West.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

NightMurder187 says:
Do me a solid and change your gamer pic. thanks man.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-12-2010

Blazblue is really a great 2D fighter. There is a lot going on, one thing that isn't going on is live play. I did however, manage to find a few going on last night. It seemed a tad laggy but I'm not surprised about that. Like everyone already knows, the regular Xbox controller blows when trying to command a fighting game. Putting it on the back burner for the time being. I'll probably go back in a few months and get my 1k. I recommend it to fighting fans, one of the best on the system and probably the best 2D fighter.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

Beer Goggles says: Good luck hitting that million! You have some balls of pure endurance.

S83: That's a bit of an odd thing to say to another man.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Completed Game: Madden NFL 11

All the achievements take maybe around 7 hours. I think they needed another month to iron out some technical problems. I saw a lot of random glitchy stuff going on with the presentation that took me out of the game. I thought NCAA football 11 was the better game this year in almost all areas. I still liked it, but it was a little too rare for my taste. Needed another 5-10 minutes in the oven.

Achievement Bounty 8-11-2010

3. The Madden moments achievement wasn't all that bad, I really enjoyed doing it.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

ThisBloodIsTrue says: Congrats on nearing the half-way mark! How much has your pace on achievements increased compared to three years ago?

S83: thanks, but I still have a few months to go. You can stack up the points at a higher rate now. There is no way to keep up with everything that is out, so I'll always have something to play. Three years ago, you couldn't be picky about it. I think at the rate I'm going now, I might be able to get to 1,000,000 mark in around 4 years.

Achievement Bounty 8-10-2010

25. A little bit under 25k before the half way there point. I'm guessing I will get to the mark sometime in October.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

INinjaAssassinz says:
Dude that is just plain out crazy that your almost at 500,000 Gamerscore you should have a party when you do. Good luck,Oh BTW unlike most people I know you didnt cheat if you cheated why make a website dedicated to it?

S83: One thing I'm absolutely sure of, if I do reach 1,000,000, there will be Carlton dancing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-9-2010

18. Got a ways to go before Race Pro is done because the career mode takes way too long. I look at it as a project that will get done eventually.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

rhodesbros69 says: do u have any old games u dont want and can u add me

S83: You want my used copy of Pimp my Ride? Hell, I'll even have Rand al thor 19 sign it for you. That would be a collectors item, priceless. Turd on Turd contact.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Podcast: Party Chat Podcast - Episode #3

Featuring: MajinFro, Omega Deez, Rand al Thor 19, and Stallion83

Show notes:
Intro Theme by Omega Deez
Games Played
Segment Intro (Music By Omega, Vocals by Fro)
Part 2 of our Kinect discussion feat. StophJ
The Pigimus Prime Interview - #1 Score Whore in the UK
Omega Deez - Tales From Detroit
Segment Intro (Music By Omega Deez)
Who Let The Nub In?
Segment Intro (Music By Omega, Vocals by Fro)
Listener's Questions
Segment Intro (Music By Omega, Vocals by Fro)
Lonsta DaMonsta's Question
The gaming News
Bed Intruder
Auto-Tune Song Version by The Gregory Brothers
Strut That Ass
Auto-Tune Song Version by The Gregory Brothers
Double Rainbow
Auto-Tune Song Version by The Gregory Brothers

Thanks again to Pigimus Prime and StophJ for coming on and chatting it up with us.

If you have a question that you would like answered during the next podcast, leave us a comment or a tweet. We would be happy to answer.

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Achievement Bounty 8-8-2010

4. Anybody know of a good game to play when you're sick? I'm a very impatient gamer when I am. I don't get sick often, knock on wood, maybe a completed game a day will keep the doctor away? Probably not again, but maybe we need Sick Game HD on XBLA. Not sick as in awesome, but sick as in pukey.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

Rand al Thor 19 says: im going to see Inception tomorrow, so prepare to get spoiled bitch. Snape killed Dumbledore!!!!

Time travel is the only explanation.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-7-2010

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

C A i R N 3 Y x says: i respect your work but i think you may cheat because you cant have time to get all that gamer score and reach rank 100 in gears

Completed Game: Left 4 Dead

Once again, I just had to finish up the DLC stuff. Not sure how many completions I have lost to DLC coming out, but it's quite a few. Hopefully Vavle stops supporting this and moves on to make Left 4 Dead 3 the best possible game.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-6-2010

9. Left 4 Dead Crash Course DLC is a little on the short side. I expected that much, but they want you to get 5,359 kills within that campaign and it only takes 25 minutes. You may get 200 kills per run if you are lucky. Dumb achievement! There are easier ways to rack up the kills, but they didn't have to make it such a damn grind.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

II KoBe 24 x says:
would you like gravy with your gamerscore?

S83: Who wouldn't want gravy? I bathe in gravy and syrup.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-5-2010

6. In the early stages of Risen but it doesn't seem half bad. It does have some glaring flaws that you catch pretty early on, but hopefully the good will outweigh the bad in the end.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

NintendoTiger says: hello mi name is bearie edwards and i was playing pgr because i couldnt find mi gameboy under the seat i wanted to run away bcause pgr 4 is rly hard and i was like whyy am i a loser. so i think u should not play vieogames bcause i said NO UR A LOSER!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Completed Game: Left 4 Dead 2

Just had to finish up the mutations achievement in the passing DLC to wrap this up. You get the gnome prop for your avatar after getting that achievement. So, I finally got my best buddy from Half-Life 2 back, my little garden gnome buddy. I wish I could smash him into a million pieces, make cat litter out of him, and then let the cat avatar prop shit all over him for years. You ruined part of half-life 2 for me! You little prick! Why couldn't you just stay in the fucking car like a good gnome?

Completed Game: Alan Wake

Including the new Signal DLC. Amazing game! Took me a while to get warmed up to it, but better late than never. I actually enjoyed my second play-through on nightmare more. I still think they hyped it 2 years too early, and it probably would've sold much better back in 2008. Also, being released the same day as Red Dead didn't help. As far as the DLC goes, it's better than most but only takes 40 minutes to do one play-through. I have a lot of thoughts on this game, but I'll save some of those for tomorrow when we record the next podcast. One of the top 10 games of the year so far? YES!

Achievement Bounty 8-4-2010

13. I wish every time I did this it was achievements listed from good games. But as most of you may know, the majority of the games released are not stellar. It would be interesting to see what the max gamerscore would be by only playing good games.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

BipedOkapi says: you are the cooliest. I just hope i can be as cool as u some day. i wish i had as many human worth points as u have. plz be my friend u are awesome and i love u.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Achievement Bounty 8-3-210

20. This is the no bullshit bounty. Alan Wake: If you are a survival horror fan, you have to play this game. Easily in the top 10 games of the year, maybe the second best single player experience. The achievement list isn't all that bad either, nothing really that hard. I hated all the collectibles at first, one of the main reasons I held off on playing it for so long. I really hope they get to make a sequel, because the good elements found within are extremely rare. I didn't appreciate the game at first, but now I respect what the developers accomplished.

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

Pigimus Prime says: holy shit i listened to podcast last night in bed and almost pissed the bed laughing at that who let the nub in song. keep up the good work fellow pumpkin eater!

S83: Party chat podcast: making people piss themselves since 2010.