Thursday, July 29, 2010

Podcast: Party Chat Podcast - Episode #1

With no regard for human ears

Featuring: MajinFro, Omega Deez, Rand al Thor 19, and Stallion83.

In Episode # 1 we talk or talk smack about the following: Swine Flu. Beanie Babies. Carrot Top. 360voice. White People. Goat Milk. Cheers. Jimmy Hova. Bald people. Cheese. Alien Ant farm. Adam Morrison. Bilbo Baggins. Muppet Babies. Muppets on Ice. Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya Harding. Something called video games. And much more.

You better listen, because we probably have something bad to say about you.

Growning pains were abundant this time around, but that was almost certain. We are shooting for one every week.

If you have a question that you would like answered during the podcast, shoot us a tweet.
Majinfro Stallion83 Rand al Thor 19 Omega Deez

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Download Link: Party Chat Podcast Episode #1 (Right Click)


  1. Remember to send sound quality complaints to Rand Al Thor because he is too cheap to get a mic or headset for his computer.

  2. Coolness! I'm looking forward to the iTunes version, hope you're gonna make one.

  3. Yeah. I am working on getting a working rss feed up on feed burner with all those lovely rss feed options including submission to itunes.

  4. Muppet babies can get the bozak!

  5. I've read that EA is doing project $10 for all online games and 2K and other are going to follow suit. Since I'm sure you guys rent/buy used/share games with each other, I would be interested hearing where this leaves you in your quest for a million.

  6. Stallion83 in Podcast ? cool ! but the sound quality is BAD ! REALLY REALLY BAD .

  7. That was fucking hilarious! I would like to hear you thoughts on saving or killing carmine in gears of war 3.