Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Party Chat Podcast * Coming real soon*

Last night Fro, Omega, Rand, and myself recorded the first episode of the Party Chat Podcast. It was recorded, of course, in an xbox live party chat. TBD how the sound quality will be. It didn't go without fault. We lost the final 40 or so minutes, so we still have to go back and wrap it up sometime today. Not sure exactly how long it was, but it was long. Look for that within the next few days.

Bi-weekly was the plan, but we are trying to push Fro to get one out every week. Look for lots of guests and other things coming soon.

Majinfro is doing all the leg work with the editing and omega is providing the beats.

Sample of the intro.


  1. I should have it finished by tonight (Monday). I think we should record on Friday so I have saturday and sunday to edit.

  2. Trust Fro to hold the whole thing up - DAMN YOU FRO! Ah ha ha!

  3. Try Skype or Google Talk, if you wanna get a good sound quality! Good luck!