Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Completed Game: Tory Story 3

It really does take 8-10 hours just to complete toy box mode. In my case, maybe a little longer. There are 103 stars you have to acquire, I had all but 7 of them. One for completing all the missions in Sid's area, 10 pict-o missions, 15 more mission races won with bulls-eye, and 3 collectibles. I was basically done.

The final mission I thought was needed for Sid's haunted house area was to make a ghost pirate and he would give you a mission on the spot. I turned my brave pirate into a ghost and as soon as I did, that little bitch got smashed into the ground by a golem. You can see a mission giver around the map because they emit a big ray of light. His ray of light was coming from underground. I thought I was had. I went around looking for this prick of a pirate for hours. Eventually, I found out that you can do another mission and you will get credit for doing all the missions in Sid's haunted house area. About an hour or so after that, Ghost pirate piss pants walks up to me with said mission looking and singing like this.

I dressed him up like a girl, shrunk him, and then threw his ass in the lake.

Moral of the story is, I am the nub for not making a backup save.

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  1. I like your current gamerscore: 466233. :)