Friday, July 16, 2010

Achievement Bounty 7-15-2010

The only new game I played was Toy Story 3. I didn't get very far in but it seems strong for a kids game. I have to admit one thing, I am not a huge fan of animated movies. Never even seen any of the Toy Story movies. The only thing I know about it is, Forest Gump, Home Improvement, and the dude from The Princess Bride.

I've tried quite a few times to watch animated stuff but I always fall asleep. It's not just animated movies, I never really liked cartoons that much. Who needs Saturday morning cartoons when you have HBO? . Although, there was one cartoon I did like past the age of 10, Eek! The cat.

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  1. I never knew buttercup was Jenny from Forest Gump. I'm not sure how I missed that up until today.