Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gears of War 2 8X XP starts tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder that starting July 1st Gears of War 2 will kick off 8X XP weekend which goes on until the 7th.

Go get that easy XP while it lasts. Some extremely long achievements are tied to getting XP, I still need the level 100 myself.

I wonder what they will have in store next? Play Gears of War 2 and get free money weekend? At this rate that may just happen.

I feel really bad for the folks that went from 1 to 100 during normal XP. HAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOLOLOL pwned like this.


All your voices are belong to me

You may need to turn your volume up for this.

This is the last batch of voice messages I got during the gamer spotlight days. From now on it will be more hand picked stuff that makes the cut.

First impression: LEGO Harry Potter

10 worst games of 2010 (audio)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 10 Games of 2010 so far (Audio)

Audio summary: Field & Stream + Transformers

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Coat

I gave this baby a new coat of paint today and hopefully it looks a little better. I've been MIA, believe me, I'm aware. I just haven't been feeling the get massive amounts of gamerscore over the last couple of months. I guess you could say I was in slight hibernation. I just need some good stuff to play. This week there is a lot of new stuff coming out, then next week we have the 500 pound gorilla named Crackdown 2.(pre-ordered that today) I'm looking to break free, get to the half way point and see how I feel from there. The million just seems light years away. Just almost being half way there makes it seem out of reach for one person.

The Lakers won the back to back titles like I predicted back in October of 2008. DICE just needs to step up and make Battlefield 3 so I look somewhat smart with future predictions.

Look for top 10 games along with the 10 worst games of 2010 shortly. Doing a list of every single game I have played so far this year would be extremely hard to do at this point.