Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All your voices and messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

I really couldn't weed out the good from the bad. I just started recording voice messages as they came.

T3RR0R I87 get a life

Stallion83: Way to be original.

DeathBeSendeth hey do u have a 48hr of gold i can have

Stallion83: Bug Major Nelson

iModsteR z hey im nt being a jerk. but u have a lot of games. did any of them come with 48hr trials. if so can i have 1

Stallion83: NO SOUP FOR YOU!

sman916 are you really tryng to get a millon gamerscore?!?

Stallion83: I will be trying, yes.

Waves of Undead What a sad sad life you must "live".

Stallion83: Original like Werthers.

Nekro Feline u SUCK nutter butters!

Stallion83: I'd suck the hell out of those Little Debbie nutty buddy bars.

Aresbloodline u need to get laid but its bad ass

Stallion83: Is laid a term for sleep? Not sure what you mean.

VFame MonsterV u r a real gamer !¡!¡!¡!

Stallion83: Call me pinocchio 83

xDr Schnugglesx IVE SEEN YOU ON FACEBOOK! Youre name is Evan Good I think. Youre on the FB XBL App. Good luck reaching 1 mil!

Stallion83: Not me

MindfuII Zombie ur a BEAST! con-friggen-gats on the sick gamerscore! a gaming god among men....much respect : )

Stallion83: No, but thanks.

DOCOTOR do u have a 48 hour trial

Stallion83: Ask Trixie 360


Stallion83: BMF on my wallet.

AKA GENERAAL 00 how many people u let recover your tag 2 do the achievements for you? i can name and tell you how i got each of mine...and you probably take credit for it all..i see it everyday...and i have over 50 completed games..i destroy everything i play.

Stallion83: No one.

ChiTownsLastDoN u are the best thing i have ever seen. will u teach me the ways of da point mastering im from tn 2 i live in tellico plains it next to madisonvile i saw u wer in the latest oxm mag thats great pleas be my friend


chiques84 FUCK LAKERS

BlAzzEn DrIfTeR GET A LIFE! GO OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!

Stallion83: Yawn

hornsern10 what a nerd

Stallion83: Yawn



XxGrassyKnollxX you seriously have no life

QB RULEXD good job hacking your gamerscore

ii PoPpY x lol like ur getting all ur GS letgit.

Stallion83: Double yawn to the last five messages.

lol yea ur not doing it legit. cuz i doubt u got 69star on MWF2 Spec Ops. so ur a fake

Stallion83: Rand al thor and I totally did a 69.

K0yl 07 is it true u fucked a donkey

Stallion83: I was insanely drunk. It was either the donkey or the hippopotamus (Your momma)....pwned & T totally boned.


  1. (all mentioned in previous posts without a response)

    If you're legit like you say (and although i'm skeptical, i do believe you're legit) can you please explain how do you add to your enormous xbox collection, maintain a steady (if not enormous) amount of gaming hours and still carry a social life??? I personally have been unemployed the last 1 and a half years, have gamed for 5-8 hours per day, 4-5 days a week with a 2-game gamefly account (its all i can afford or i'd have 4 games out) and have earned 110,000G...... with games around $60 a pop, it bewilders me how one can afford hundreds of games and still game a hundred hours a week.... I'd be really appreciative if you put my curiosity/doubts to rest...

    As an earlier post asked, how do you fund your xbox habit? Trust fund? Lottery winner? It's simple math, it would be impossible to have the time to keep your gamerscore at that level + have a full time job

    I'm curious (if you don't mind answering) how do you afford multiple xbox 360s (PAL, JP versions) and all the games you play while still putting in countless hours to play for achievements???

  2. Why do people assume that Stallion buys all of his games? He rents a lot of them for a start (as do a lot of people), and he also swaps games amongst his friends so that they aren't all paying out. Instead they just complete a game and pass it onto the next person and so on.

    Buying consoles from abroad is hardly only available to the insanely rich either as you can pick them up fairly cheap - so it's only the shipping costs that are really that bad.

    Plus, who needs to game for hundreds of hours a week? I play about 20 hours a week and have nearly 200k so if I were to double that I would be right up there. Frankly if you avoid a lot of the long winded multiplayer achievements in certain games you can rack up the points in a fairly short amount of time.

  3. Jackanape pretty much answered your question.

  4. "Stallion83: Rand al thor and I totally did a 69."

    When did this turn into Wheel of Time slash fan fiction? ;)

  5. I know nothing about the wheel of time. Rand al thor 19 the gamer. Now I do look like a total nerd. Once again, I blame the turd for having such a dork shit name.

  6. My question is when you're playing xbox, doesn't it get annoying seeing "loserdoucheface has sent you a message" every other second? How often do you get these, once every five minutes, ten minutes? That would annoy the shit out of me.

  7. He's probably so used to seeing "achievement unlocked" every other second, that "...sent you a message" is just a drop in the bucket. ;)

    Either that, or it's hard to pay attention to notifications when you're locked in a 69 with the Dragon Reborn. (Yeah, I really hope I can get that image out of my head by the time I get around to reading the next book...)

  8. Lol @ The Rand joke. I know it's true and now Fro's jealous, i'm not talking about MW2 either :P

  9. Ahhhhh being flamed is always a good thing.

  10. CHEATERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. KobeHassmallWeinerMarch 1, 2010 at 4:29 AM

    Easy way out....totally avoided Just Wondering's question. Social life? Job? Playing Disney games to score easy points? I'm assuming the young lady in his avatar, whom I mistakenly thought was Ann Coulter, is his girlfriend. Nice way to throw that pic up there as a way to convince people there's a social life.

  12. Last time I checked this is a site documenting Stallion getting a million, not a way of proving whether he has a social life or not.

  13. 69 star legit? I believe you did. Got mine 6 days after the release date.

  14. I don't understand... Why the sudden influx of messages? You didn't used to get this many did you?

  15. I hope laugh when you read all those hates comments like i do (dumb, Unfounded) good job and one note I hate but in a good way, gotta admit there is always people better than you out there and you just gotta take it as it is, I bet was not a easy task to get that gamerscore, from a real gamer good luck in your journey

  16. what is the first xbox 360 game you have ever played? mine is CoD 2.

  17. 'Stallion83: I was insanely drunk. It was either the donkey or the hippopotamus (Your momma)....pwned & T totally boned.'

    LOL, how do you put up with the constant 'Cheater' messages?

    As for the 69 stars, that isn't even that hard, so why would a noob pick out that achievement? (Think i answered my own question there!) :/

    Keep up the good work =)

  18. It's funny that one of messages made it seem like it's so incredibly hard to get 69 stars in MW2. There are dozens of much more difficult games to earn the full 1000 on.

  19. lolz! everyone of these fags are haters towards you

  20. Wow really nice gamerscore :) you should add me on 360 if you feel like having a new friend im pretty good for a girl gamer.

  21. lol I jacked Major Nelson becuz he was a fag but ill love to jack you nigga.