Saturday, February 20, 2010

All your voices and messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

I really couldn't weed out the good from the bad. I just started recording voice messages as they came.

You may have to turn your volume up.

ThaCleanMan dude you freakin inspire me...i only have 28 somethin...i was goin to stop after 50 but i cant now...your freakin awesome!!!! go for it.. i hope to see you at 1 mill

x slyfox420 x Ur a fucken moder ur numbers don't add up u fucken bitch kill ur self

MarsEffect88 as much as i would like to say wow for the 400000+ gamerscore the fact remains all of your achievements are completely useless the reason being because you sold your dignity and manhood and popp avatar the last airbender into your xbox for the easiest 5

minute homo parade you completely disgust me and i hope your xbox 360 hard drive crashes and your arrested by the fbi for kiddie porn being on the email address tied to said accounted


SXE ChickenMan You need to go outside, get a life, then kill yourself.

Reichwind Question, How can you claim to be an honest gamer when you have quite a few duplacated games on your profile and obviously have done it against the User Agreement licence?


Lord Gamerscore yeah man im catching up with ur gamerscore im trying to be fast, but dont want to ruin my 95% achievment completion u know how it is...ur not quite my level just keep trying.

HoesCaLLmePapii u kn0 they tlk about ur road to 1 million gs in the dashboard THAts awesomm i will pay 2 be ur friend



AMP112 your name should be "G-killer"

cynderella19 Hey baby i like guys that play alot of games and i like big gamerscor how big is ur gamerscore and im not talking about xbox

Gryfen Z You publicizing the contents of your inbox is a fantastic compendium of douches on XBL. I think I might add/message some of the more entertaining ones just to screw with them. Good luck on 1mil gamerscore, and thanks for the new hobby. :)

Amanda330 I know out of ALL those games you've played that this seems silly, but I wanna play Where's Waldo! Where do I get it? =)

THEMAZMASTER u fail either all uve done since u had a 360 is play for Gscore wich is still lifeless amounts of time busting ur fucking balls on a tv or ur gay and hack tell me which 1 u do k faggot

iTz Cr0sSf1rE you have no life u jewish cock-bag

cuzzz11 u r a fag u have no life 400000 gamerscore u wont go far in life u have the same game like 3 times u should feel proud of yourself and no one wants to track your progress to 1 millon gamerscore

JoeyP4ng I see ur on a quest for GS. You effin beat Hannah montannas game. Your a fuckin champ man godspeed.

SHaDY SNyPER 14 just a hunch but i bet u never had some pussy before HAVE YOU

Ph3oNiX ON FiRe no life fudge peacker

ShootEmPolitely It's both hilarious and depressing the sheer number of stupid messages you get. To quote the great Nathan Fillion "It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to shut up altogether."
Keep on fighting the good fight.

MASTER SLAYTAN track my journey into your moms gyne!! poop stallion......

E1m0 K44 i think i speak 4 everyone when i say u hav no life nor pride as a gamer

XfrapplesauceX ur doin all gamers proud. keep up the good work!

AiR MaX 1993 u r a nerd go geta life and go get some fresh air experince life cause your a couch potato go out side and go see what a girl looks like go have a live your r wasting your god give life to wasted on video games you lil no good rotten pussy

HILLTOP H3RO I love you <3

mynameismyname1 your a big inspiration

oMaRCuSo99 y u such a fukin fagget

SHAGGY 416 get off your fat ass,get a life AND GET LAID!


  1. Does anyone else feel like they're getting dumber reading some of these messages he gets? Problem is...these message posts are usually the best of the bunch on this blog.

    I wonder if all these people who send the hate messages got together and voted on a template to use:

    "If you are to send Stallion83 a hate message, it is required to include the following line: get a [life/girl/other noun of choice here] u [expletive of choice here] [nerd/loser/pussy/faggot/other insulting label of choice here].

    No punctuation and poor spelling are strongly encouraged."

  2. lol

    I've gotten dumber, maybe even some brain damage. These messages are just a sample. I've gotten everything you've seen here hundreds of times over.

  3. More examples of "i'm jealous of ur gamerscore so i'm going 2 send u hate messages 2 try 2 look cool" and things like that.

  4. why do they say get some pussy when you have a girlfriend ?

  5. Lol @ that fact that people called AiR MaX 1993 and SHaDY SNyPER 14 ask if you've had pussy.

    Seriously, someone called 'Shady Sniper 14' doesn't really sound like they get laid a lot.

    [Also, lol at Sniper guy having 29000 gamerscore and saying you're a nerd :P]

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