Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yes it deserved to die and I hope it burns in hell

The Chromehounds servers are no more. The online play is dead. It seems Sega pulled the plug sometime early this morning. Don't be sad, this is GREAT news!

I started this game back in September or October because the word of server shut downs. I expected to get 600 or so points, then call it quits. Once I finish the single player stuff, I will be at 900. I can't complain about that. I can however complain about how much dick sucking it would have taken to reach 1000. Not only that, but I was magically blacklisted along with the people I started the game with. I was achievement cock-blocked.

Basically this game is a political mess. The squads that have the power love their control and you need their cooperation to get all the achievements. So, if you send these pricks a message without saying Please & Thank you, they disregard your message entirely. Today, they lost their power. The fall of Chromehounds. The fall of juggernaut. January 7th, 2010 will always be remember as the fall of Chromehounds.

Chromehounds, I hope it hurts when your burning in hell.

Please & Thank you

Oh, and Zakke Child Wylde, thanks for getting me blacklisted you achievement cock blocking whore. Enjoy your 980, you little prick. It looks like you can't freeze time and you were most definitely not saved by the bell. AC slater 4 life!

So much for sticking to the high road. That's usually my MO. Not today.


  1. Being a moderator on I'd have to monitor the Chromehounds forums on occasion. They were full of clans who would get in flame wars with each other and would prey on any new players who'd pop in and ask questions.

    I can't say I'm not glad to see the game go myself.

  2. I can only imagine. They were hardcore with it, I gotta give them that.

  3. I love that Zakke ended up getting blacklisted himself after screwing you. Just makes me want to send him LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL voice messages.

  4. I'm a little curious how did he get you blacklisted?

  5. not sure. knows a person that knows a person type of thing is my guess.

  6. Lol I told you about that bullshit.


  7. If I send you a youtube video of me destroying my chromehounds discs in an extraordinary fashion, will you feature it? :3

    Thinking of going to vegas and breaking out either the 50 cal or the auto shotgun. Maybe we can get the rest of the boys to send me their copies too.

    Or I might just toss it in the microwave.

    Also, special shoutout to Chronos; whatever his name was. he can eat a dick.

  8. Yep, I remember you saying that beast. You were right.

    @ryot I like the special shoutout. I somehow managed to forgot the name of that clan. and yes, smash it up real nice like. I'll put it up.

  9. HAHAHAHA!! Karma is a bitch!! Zakke got what was coming to him, but he deserves a lot more punishment than he got. Stupid idiot needs some serious therapy. Oh, and did he really think Stallion was going to help him get his last achievement in Chromehounds after the mean shit he has done!!?? Dumb ass!!

  10. hehe, good luck on 1 mill gamerscore ;)
    im only on 5k or something lol

    btw get free xbox live at

  11. I find it ironic that his GT is Zakke Wylde, because the guitarist he named himself after is also a massive prick.

    Or is that coincidental?

  12. So I never played chromehounds, but what did Zakke Whild ever do?


    I found this video while cleaning out the Chromehounds forums on It's a fanatic recording the last 7 minutes or so while the servers are slowly shutting down. You may like it and the comments.

  14. Ya that was annoying to hear that you and ryot control were extremly blacklisted.
    I'd started twice to boost for the war gold medals to gave it to you guys.
    But I was stopped twice with really strange messages from 4 or 5 squads.

    This game was just shit in the last 4 month.

  15. I find it funny how bitter you can be given the fact that you never actually appreciate any game you play really. I mean look at these comments, you can't even remember squads that actually did help you out. You didn't deserve that 1000gs in Chromehounds and the only people that do are the people that were dedicated enough to get it. Sure there are some politics involved, but it's nowhere near the degree to which you're speaking. Don't be upset about not getting 1000gs in a game you probably won't even remember the name of a couple of months from now. Also, Zakke Wylde didn't "cock block" your achievements, we had that planned since we heard you were going to try to get the grand. Give credit where credit is due.

  16. The moral of this story boys and girls, a little common courtesy goes a long way. Alternatively you grow bitter about your failings as a human being and post angry little rants, like this one!