Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The top xbox 360 games of 2010

It's pretty much known that I play almost every game that comes out. The good, the bad, and the really disgusting. I will update this on a regular basis. This will only be games released within the calendar year of 2010 in the USA. I will break it down into categories I see fit once the list starts expanding. In my estimation, this will be the best year for the 360 gamer.

Best Game:

1 Darksiders
2 Bayonetta

This might be one of the toughest choices for the entire year. While one brought gaming back to a pure form, the other smashes the artisitc barrier.

I would say Bayonetta is a masterpiece of artistic quality and originality. I did not like the game at first, in fact, I hated it. It was cheesy and corny to the highest level. The music is elevator-ish. The main characters legs are too long and she sucks. Yes, I was nitpicking the game to death. A few hours into the game, I realized I haven't seen video game art like this in a while. The pacing and the flow of the game kept me on my toes. Huge boss battles, over the top everything. Redunkulous! I must of said, " This game is Redunkulous!" 20 or more times. My girlfriend and cat wanted to disown me at that point.

Darksiders doesn't get the originality points. It's just fun, pure fun. It reminds me a lot of Zelda. Ultimately, that's what I loved about it. It brought me back to 1998. While not quit as good as Zelda by any stretch, it had me from the start and by the time it was over, I didn't want it to end.

If I were rating these two games based on the overall package, which includes; sound, graphics, and all that jibber jabber. Bayonetta would come out victorious. Based on the fun I had and the addiction level, Darksiders takes the cake, but only by a slim margin.

I'm judging the games based on how much fun I had with them. I will continually update this for every game I play the entire year. Including xbla games.


  1. I want to get darksiders, im undecided on baynetta atm.

    and stallion, are you gonna keep bumping this topic when you update it, or do we have to scroll down and find it?

  2. I'll make a new post every time.

  3. Where the hell are you gonna find time to game and review all of these games? You got 1/2 million to get.

  4. Micro miniature reviews. Nothing too complex. If it's a garbage game, i might just say, Garbage!

  5. So why is Darksiders on #1? I thought you preferred Bayonetta over Darksiders. Or isn't that a ranking but a chronological list?

  6. Bayonetta NOT better than Darksiders. You sir are on crack.

    Or sugar........


  7. Like i said in the post. I'm going by fun factor. If i were to give them a rating using an IGN scale, Bayonetta would be on top.

    The same goes for GTAIV Vs saints row 2. GTAIV would get a higher score, but saints row 2 is more fun. That's why reviews with a number are overrated IMO.

    gamepro might suck, but at least they gave a rating for FUN FACTOR.

  8. It'd be cool if you could write a line or so about the achievements for some of them - i.e. if they were fun, glitchy, stuff like that

  9. I agree with CJ. You don't really talk much about actually getting the achievements. Do you boost for most? Which type do you despise? etc.

    Also, one thing I don't think you've ever mentioned; How do you get your hands on all these games? I'd imagine gamefly for the retail. But then even all the arcade and DLC you buy must cost a small fortune. AND how do you get so much time to play them???

  10. Bayonetta's menu system made me want to punch babies. 2 words and a number- Mass Effect 2.