Saturday, November 7, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

Wilvid writes: i absolutely h8 u omg i actually screamed wen i saw how sad u were omg u make me so angry my god sell ya precious xbox and ur millions of games and go out and loose ur f**** virginity!!!! i seriously h8 u!!! 380000 g omg u have had it 6 years omg!

Kacksy writes: Love you <3

Internal x Pain writes: ur a ugly c*nt n get a life u f*cking fagget

iluvhotmail writes: before i go to bed here in oregon, i just wanna say that your sexy

SecretJuicepak7 writes: wow ur a fail if play any game to get ur gc up thats not good 4 making friends either gezz i cant believe u would play some of these games epic fail of the world

x M A S H E D x writes: F*cKING LOVE U

ANDY3587 writes: ur hell a virgin

Ogiichidawg24 writes: im in complete fukkin awe man u mus b one damn gud gamer ur a legend in my book bro

Flyinghost writes: wow ur crazy do u have alife??? just a simple question no bad feeling alright jsut askin

ImpairedRay writes: OH MY GOD. UR A LEGEND!

oggiebob writes: I realized that you and Kobe Bryant .are a lot alike. .You are both really good at what you do and not many people can do it. you thrive off of people telling you that you can't, yet you have a lot of fans. The only difference? You are #1.

M1ck3h writes: i feel some kind of intellectual exaltation reading the brainless messages you receive from moronic twelve year old children on your blog. i wish i could personally suffocate each one. <3
2nd message: i mean seriously, i personally want to strangle the complete sh*t out of these goddamn condescending f*cktards who send you hateful bullsh*t. f*ck, what do they have to say about their life -- nothing. you are a passionate inspiration. ^^

Mvan3000 writes: is there anyway possible that you can me becauce your friends list is full
2nd message: come on why not add me im great
3rd message: come on dont do this to me u need me on your friends list
4th message: for the love of god add me
5th message: come on dude i love looking at your gamerscore
6th message: why not add me
7th message: come on add me im number 1 in world on yaris

Woman Mechanic writes: My tits are bigger than your head!!!

BR21 Scylla writes: how much do u charge to someone who wants 2 b in ur friends list

xV FlatLine Vx writes: Hey, heres a good way to get a lot of prople viewing your blog. Do streams on justin tv. of you just getting achievements, a lot of prople will watch. Oh and sorry about all the chat invites i send, its to see your GS counting down to 400k

S83: Interesting idea. I may do something like that in the future.


  1. is that just post g4tv article posting? if not I would hate to see your inbox right now.

  2. Do you file a complaint whenever some jerkface sends you a nasty message?

  3. I'm going to try my best to hack your account.

  4. My only thought is, lets see her tits...and measure your side by side..lmao...if you can blog different muff pics, that totally wouldnt be a violation of tos

  5. it's too bad people couldn't at least make thier messages legible when they send hate mail. Good luck in your journey :)

  6. @fro- Surprisingly, I've only gotten 1 hate mail after the article went live.

    @patrick - I only file a complaint when someone is phising for my acct.

    @tennis - sounds like a good idea.

  7. I don't know what it is about your score that gets people so pissed off. Half the comments on the g4tv article were abusive in nature. That hate could be more productively directed elsewhere. Heaven knows there is no shortage of things and people more worthy of that level of venom.

  8. My Balls are bigger than your head and her tits! We need to do some more Operation Flashpoint btw, dunno how the 2 are related but whatever. I'm out Robert.