Thursday, November 5, 2009

15,000 achievements & The Ganglion Cyst

Sometime yesterday I got to the 15,000 achievement mark. It was either during Lego Rock Band or Band Hero. At the rate I'm going, I'll have roughly 38,000 achievements once I hit 1,000,000 gamerscore.

I'm still alive for those wondering. I've been wanting to sit down and write something but my hand has been hurting. Actually, it's my wrist. Both of them! I have a ganglion cyst on the top of my wrist's. They are not as nasty looking as those found in the wiki but my left hand sure is sore. I'm not entirely sure when they developed. I'm certain it's from lifting weights and playing way too much 360. I may have to limit my xbox time over the next couple of days to let it heal. Inspiring achievement whores have been warned.


  1. That cyst thing is nasty. Maybe playing some less intensive games besides all the music titles you've been doing recently (I follow you on would help.

  2. I got my wrist by using a mouse. Then I switched to a smaller one (Logitech Notebook Optical Mouse Plus), and I'm fine now.

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  4. @Patrick

    It's, get it right!


    "I got a wrist by using a mouse." - WTF?


    That sucks dude. Is this going to stop/slow you down in getting 400K by the end of the year?

  5. @ Gunman

    Shut the Frank up. No one asked for your help, Web Address Nazi.

  6. Finally a website worth wasting my time on.

  7. The Ganglion Cyst, didn't they play OzzFest a few years back?

  8. I also had a ganglion cyst in the same spot on top of my wrist years ago. Most likely attributed to drumming habit (real drums, not the plastic ones!). Finally got so annoying and painful that I had surgery to remove it. Most doctors I talked to said if it bothers you, surgery to remove it was the best option. Sorry, dude.

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