Saturday, October 10, 2009

NBA 2k10 Vs NBA LIVE 10

Kobe=NBA 2k10
Rondo=NBA Live 10

As of 9/10/09 The NBA 2k10 online play is not functioning properly but I've got in a few games and know what it plays like. Team-up mode and making a crew is pretty freaking cool and very addicting. Even with 10 people it runs smooth when it works. So take my word for it, don't play it online for a couple of weeks. They are working on a patch. In the mean time, 2k has game modes for days! There is so much stuff to sink your teeth into. If you are a basketball junkie like myself, you should appreciate what this game has to offer. At first I hated the menu system. I don't really hate it anymore, it gets the job done. They integrated the online play very nicely into what you would think was single player only menus. It just took some getting use to.

Nba live 10 on the other hand works online but I don't see why anyone would actually want to play it. The team up mode found in 2k10 is light years ahead of Live. Not only that, every aspect that you would care about when it comes to basketball games 2k trumps Live in.

I realize some people prefer EA sports games over 2k. If you are one of the people that like your NBA Live over 2k, there is good news, NBA Live 10 is the best Live on the 360.

Which one is everybody playing? I would say 2k. A few hours ago the online lobbies said 16,000. Last night NBA live 10 said around 3,000.

Presentation winner:
2k10 -- My first impression I would've leaned towards Nba Live for staying the same as it does year in and year out. The 2k10 menu system is something that would be found in the year 3000. Strange at first, but kind of unique after extended use.

Graphics winner:
2k10 -- Player models and animations are quite a bit better.

Sound winner:

Gameplay winner:
2k10 -- for being more realistic

Online play winner:
NBA live 10 -- for now.... If they fix everything up in 2k10 with a patch, 2k10 will be the greatest simulation basketball game ever.

Easier achievements:
NBA Live 10

Maybe in a few years LeBron. You still have a lot to learn from the master.

Making your own highlight reels is good fun also. I made this one earlier.

Back to some Team-up mode even if it takes forever to get a game going. It's totally worth it when people play their role.


  1. You do those screenshots yourself too?

  2. Nice, 2K Knows how to make one sports game and that is Basketball(Football too, but they aren't allowed anymore). I'll be getting 2K10 for Xmas hopefully.

    Oh and as a Celtics fan I have one last thing to say to you. BEAT LA!

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