Friday, October 2, 2009

All your messages and voices are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

Unknown gamertag says: (I deleted his name by accident)

JPR01 writes: omg youre playing wanted again faggot. jesus dude go out and get a real job im sick of your sh*t. LOSER! o go back to madden 10 new achievements unlocked faggot you need them. get some money, friends, and p*ssy

AchivementJunky writes: I will beat your score...

M1ck3h writes: have my babies. forever and ever. ily. <3

Dannnnn The Man wrties: Why do i love you so much?

Lucas Burkley writes: i love u GREAT JOB

Lil Dr Pooch writes: Why you hating on us niggas?
2nd message: Why you hatin' on us nigguhs mane?

S83: Are you okay man?

Wazari X wrties: I am a big fan of you :) I watching on every day. I hope i can come to your friendlist :)

S83: When Microsoft ups the friend list to 200 be sure to hit me with one.

Veritas34 writes: Get A f*ckin life.

LTS o MiLenkO o writes: your a loser

WackyBamurdead writes: You sir...neeed a life

Killtacularx187 writes: why so titbatish seriosly man why

KiplingKirby writes: ur da f*kin man

SpookDog07 writes: i think ur brilliant at what you do. thanks for inspiration. could i get a spot on ur friends list please mate and track you.

Role2b writes: Hey dude just wanted to say respect. I know you get alot of greif off people but seriously mate it takes a lot of determination and sacrifice to do what you do, keep it up man.

PhoneyMold writes: when do u think youll get a million

S83: Before December 31 2015

Xrteric89 writes: well done u can 500k gs in 2011?

S83: I will be trying to get 500k in 2010

XMaXXXedOutX writes: have you played ever single 360 title to date?

S83: Not quite. 516 out of maybe 900 or so. That 900 is a guess but with PC, arcade, and foreign titles, it should be a close estimation.

akatsuki081996 writes: wut r u goin 2 do when u get 2 a million


  1. You should definitely celebrate in front of LeBron. That would be awesome.

  2. Rand Al Thor 19 will be my LeBron.

  3. That's close enough. But I am still expecting a video of you celebrating in front of him.

  4. ahah, im so happy i got my message on here. good luck man and keep up the fantastic work, i freakin' love you. ^^

  5. LOL at AchivementJunky. That made my day.

  6. Dude... froget the haters... they are just jealous that you did something that they could never even imagine to do... Good Luck on your journey to 1 million.. we all know you can do it!

  7. all day long wit a f*ckin bag of chips, all day long wit a f*ckin bag of chips uh wait...

    That should be your motto. Kid sounded like he swallowed some of Apple's sauce at the end of that.