Saturday, October 24, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

HerbalCardshark writes: go jump off a cliff u waste of human skin ive seen ur blog ive seen the photo thats bullsh*t u fat basterd i hope u and ur family burn in gaming hell u crummy 50 stone f*ckwit

john waynes gun writes: you have got to be the biggest loser i have ever seen on xbox live. are you a virgin too?

X KopiteKilla X writes: out of 525 games u have completed 282 with full gamescore GET A LIFE

I B4DBOYxTOM I writes: You. Have. No. Life.

nF xL14Mx writes: u need 2 get a life dude

DT Mozthic writes: Lol I love it how all these kids are hating on you and you just don't give a sh*t. Keep on scoring bro.

Achilles10Troy writes: good luck with one million but it would be nicer if you would try and complete all of the games at 100% cause with 525 games played you don't have a lot of gamerscore if u would've completed all the games u can,u wld've hd at lst 400000 just an idea

S83: I can't even think of anything to say to this. Nicer for you or nicer for me? I'm doing what I want to do.

KyraKupcake writes: I Love What u do and btw ur sooooooo cute. XOXO

Vx ST0RM xV writes: Dude youare my hero I LOVE YOU You are an idol to all achvmnt WHORES STAY cool and you will continually be worshipped
2nd message: you're still my hero evn if you do ignore all of my messages Keep up the great work 400K isnt very far away
3rd message: hey man thanks so much for msg me back. You seriously made me famous at my high school.(at least to all my gaming buds!) So yeah got any tips for good G-score whoring?

S83: Tip: Don't start whoring in the first place.

Crazy bear14 writes: I eat babies. =[ :( ] Nom.

S83: Let me guess. They taste like chicken?

KG Inferno writes: Do You Like Fish Sticks?
2nd message: your my hero and my idol :)

S83: No, I don't like fish sticks.

xJollyLlama writes: I jizzed in my pants first time I saw your score. Although, I realized you're missing Deja Vu in ODST. If you need some help with that, let me know.. I'd be honored to help such a gamerscore god as yourself

Mile AU writes: dude, you don't have enough time to make it to 1 million gamerpoints. THE WORLD IS ENDING IN 2012!


InfamousTruth writes: Hey man, I really dig what you're doing. Been reading your blog for a while now. I just have one concern I feel that playing the same game on different systems is kind of, I don't want to say cheating, but it makes your score flawed in my mind.
2nd message: I mean no disrespect from my first message. It is no doubt that you are legit. I just don't get the point of playing the same game over again, yes it's easy points, but does it seem fair? I am still a fan non the less, but maybe stick to one region?

S83: If you have a time machine by all means let's travel back to 2006. Make sure you bring a gun so you can make me put down that second copy of everyparty.

Pototox writes: Congratulations. I'm u big fan from Brasil! You're doing a great work. Keep it please! I wish I could be you friend. My goal is to finish this year with 30k. Let's see. Abra├žos!

Zombie High 5 writes: are my jesus!!!!!! Keep going! 1 million is just round the corner! also have you ever played a game after you got all the achievements not just once or twice but quite often?

D4RKNESS RE4PER writes: i like your web site. keep up the good work nuf respect from UK

vG I GaMe writes: hey ive been inspired by u

Ic3K0LdK11A writes: u r my virtual hero

S83: Are you going to pick up my action figure when it comes out? You can customize the bag of chips I am holding. How cool is that?

x PR3 ZippY x writes: wow u inspire me do u think u will reach 1 million

Ghetto Weto writes: you are my hero dude. good job doing what your doing. i believe in you! ignore all the other people who put you down. theyre just jealous! and i think you should be in the book of world records once you hit one million!!!

MONS1EUR FOL1E writtes: you are awesome.

WRXingCrew writes: just found your site the other day while checking the TrueAchievements leaderboard. i am but a fledgling achievement whore myself, and your gamerscore makes me weep tears of manly joy. teach me your ways, o wise one. keep it up!

cpsfmmfan writes: Hey, whats your total possible gamerscore? just wondering

S83: 437595. which includes all crappy, not worth a penny, DLC.

AJ iz FAMOUS writes: ill give you 1600 mp for u to put all ur games on my acc

S83: Your persuasive tactics are below average.

Timmy Palmore69 writes: WOOOOW!! u have a lot of gamer points...anyway can u get me some microsoft points so that i can get some arcade games???

S83: See above.

XxKLuChKiLLeRxX writes: hey i will pay u $5,000 for ur account
2nd message: hey accually i will pay you $10,000 for ur account message me back if you are intrested in this offer

S83: Chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self

Friday, October 16, 2009

On the noggin

Over the last week I've played entirely too much Chromehounds. It's really crushing my gamerscore whore of a soul. PiP has been my bestest friend in the whole wide worlds!( a baby with one tooth hijacked that last sentence) Thankfully I am almost done with the most grinding part. When I set the goal of getting to 400,000 by the end of the year, I did not envision this type of monkey wrench in the scheme. I just made things a lot tougher on myself.

Brutal Legend: Awesome. It is one of the better single player games of the year. Very unique and interesting through out. The game is really short if you just trail blaze through the story. After the game is over there is still a ton to do. I just don't know if I'm in a collectible mood when there is at least one game per week I HAVE to play. I think I'll put the rest of the achievements on hold until the rush is over.

Where the Wild Thing are: I only played the first two levels but it doesn't seem that bad for a kids game. All the achievements seem pretty straight forward and easy to accomplish. There are a ton of collectibles to be found but they seem to be less headache inducing than most.

The game I HAVE to play this upcoming week. Borderlands. 4 player co-op. Shooter. Wasteland. Customization. Nuff said.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

NBA 2k10 Vs NBA LIVE 10

Kobe=NBA 2k10
Rondo=NBA Live 10

As of 9/10/09 The NBA 2k10 online play is not functioning properly but I've got in a few games and know what it plays like. Team-up mode and making a crew is pretty freaking cool and very addicting. Even with 10 people it runs smooth when it works. So take my word for it, don't play it online for a couple of weeks. They are working on a patch. In the mean time, 2k has game modes for days! There is so much stuff to sink your teeth into. If you are a basketball junkie like myself, you should appreciate what this game has to offer. At first I hated the menu system. I don't really hate it anymore, it gets the job done. They integrated the online play very nicely into what you would think was single player only menus. It just took some getting use to.

Nba live 10 on the other hand works online but I don't see why anyone would actually want to play it. The team up mode found in 2k10 is light years ahead of Live. Not only that, every aspect that you would care about when it comes to basketball games 2k trumps Live in.

I realize some people prefer EA sports games over 2k. If you are one of the people that like your NBA Live over 2k, there is good news, NBA Live 10 is the best Live on the 360.

Which one is everybody playing? I would say 2k. A few hours ago the online lobbies said 16,000. Last night NBA live 10 said around 3,000.

Presentation winner:
2k10 -- My first impression I would've leaned towards Nba Live for staying the same as it does year in and year out. The 2k10 menu system is something that would be found in the year 3000. Strange at first, but kind of unique after extended use.

Graphics winner:
2k10 -- Player models and animations are quite a bit better.

Sound winner:

Gameplay winner:
2k10 -- for being more realistic

Online play winner:
NBA live 10 -- for now.... If they fix everything up in 2k10 with a patch, 2k10 will be the greatest simulation basketball game ever.

Easier achievements:
NBA Live 10

Maybe in a few years LeBron. You still have a lot to learn from the master.

Making your own highlight reels is good fun also. I made this one earlier.

Back to some Team-up mode even if it takes forever to get a game going. It's totally worth it when people play their role.

Friday, October 2, 2009

All your messages and voices are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

Unknown gamertag says: (I deleted his name by accident)

JPR01 writes: omg youre playing wanted again faggot. jesus dude go out and get a real job im sick of your sh*t. LOSER! o go back to madden 10 new achievements unlocked faggot you need them. get some money, friends, and p*ssy

AchivementJunky writes: I will beat your score...

M1ck3h writes: have my babies. forever and ever. ily. <3

Dannnnn The Man wrties: Why do i love you so much?

Lucas Burkley writes: i love u GREAT JOB

Lil Dr Pooch writes: Why you hating on us niggas?
2nd message: Why you hatin' on us nigguhs mane?

S83: Are you okay man?

Wazari X wrties: I am a big fan of you :) I watching on every day. I hope i can come to your friendlist :)

S83: When Microsoft ups the friend list to 200 be sure to hit me with one.

Veritas34 writes: Get A f*ckin life.

LTS o MiLenkO o writes: your a loser

WackyBamurdead writes: You sir...neeed a life

Killtacularx187 writes: why so titbatish seriosly man why

KiplingKirby writes: ur da f*kin man

SpookDog07 writes: i think ur brilliant at what you do. thanks for inspiration. could i get a spot on ur friends list please mate and track you.

Role2b writes: Hey dude just wanted to say respect. I know you get alot of greif off people but seriously mate it takes a lot of determination and sacrifice to do what you do, keep it up man.

PhoneyMold writes: when do u think youll get a million

S83: Before December 31 2015

Xrteric89 writes: well done u can 500k gs in 2011?

S83: I will be trying to get 500k in 2010

XMaXXXedOutX writes: have you played ever single 360 title to date?

S83: Not quite. 516 out of maybe 900 or so. That 900 is a guess but with PC, arcade, and foreign titles, it should be a close estimation.

akatsuki081996 writes: wut r u goin 2 do when u get 2 a million