Friday, September 4, 2009

A Perfect Circle

Gamerscore 360

Thanks to stophj for giving me the Zombie Wrangler viral achievement which evened out my gamerscore. I figured I HAD to hit 360,000. It is the xbox 360 after all. 360 gamerscore points is a pretty small amount and 36,000 really doesn't look that well. 360,000! Now that holds some weight because it kind of makes me reflect on everything I have accomplished over the last 3+ years. One big circle. Whatever you have to say or think about me, I like my circle. That's all that matters to me. Hexic HD was the start of the circle, Raven Squad is the end.

Now I'm on a singular path. No more circles!(Unless the next xbox is really called the "720") There is bound to be bumps and probably some forks. I'm just happy now. I will use this time to sit back and reflect. Like at the top of a waterfall, I am looking down. The climb was tough, but gosh darn it, the view, the sweet fresh air, the wind hitting my face. This makes everything I once hated, totally worth it. I would do it all over again.

To everybody that helped me along the way, OOOOOO. Those are manly hugs!

For me, hitting 360,000 is greater than 200,000 or 300,000. Getting to 100,000 was like chapter 1. Reaching 360,000 feels like completing another one. The next chapter starts shortly, but I have no idea when it will end. I will just know.


  1. like i sent u earlier on xbox congrats! amazing achievement hck there should be an achievement for getting that high! best of luck to 400,000 and one million!


  2. Nice, but you couldn't stay put for long. Already broke that nice, even number. Another milestone toppled.

  3. Manly hugs? I thought you was giving everyone your "O Face"....

    follow me!

  5. Congrats on completing the "2nd Chapter" on your quest to 1 million. I'm predicting your next chapter will end at 500K but as you said it's all about how you feel at the time.

    I hit 50,000 GS on the same day that you hit 300,000. As of now I have gone up by 13K and you by 60K. AMAZING!! Keep it up!