Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Party Chatter Chronicles

Sunday, September 6th.

The happenings inside the party chat.

Netflix instant que comes up and I mention the Leprechaun movies. Cru believes that in one of the movies the Leprechaun turns into a lawn mower with boobs to get some guys attention. Then proceeds to murder him with the boob blades.....

Piecing together her exact words: "Do you guys remember when the Leprechaun turned into a lawn mower with boobs and chopped some guy up?"

Here is what I found on youtube.

Sadly none of the Leprechaun movies are available on the nextflix instant que. :(

Omega Deez was intrigued by the whole netflix instant que thing he decided to try it out.

Majinfro and McTennis gang up on Rand al thor 19....They hate Barrack Obama... Rand defends ....Majinfro and Tennis continue to gang up on him saying Obama will turn into a robot and destroy the internetz...Tennis said, if Bush didn't fail so much he would've been considered one of the greatest Presidents of all time. This discussion went on for quite a bit. I probably missed half of it.

While playing Guitar Hero 5 we let apple flex his golden pipes. Needing more diamond challenges, I ask him about Under Pressure and if he could handle it. He replied in a sincere but scared voice "that's David Bowie"

Apple can't handle the Bowie.

I also meet Ritalin pwner for the first time in Guitar Hero. I think he needs a higher dosage of the stuff.


  1. Just waiting for Barrack Obama to jump on his Metal Gear and destroy the USA.

  2. I think Cru was having vivid flashbacks while talking about the Leprechaun movies - you could hear the fear in her voice. LAWN MOWER WITH BOOBS, ARRRGH!

  3. Alright that is all i could find on google as well! But i swear it happened! just rent it and see :p

    on another pluss note, Dance Magic dance is an awesome song. but the movie is in my top 5. <3

  4. Oh yea stallion i was a bit wrong he didn't turn into it, he made the lawn mower boobies so he would kiss the girl and get chopped up!

  5. I just want to run up and down the hall naked screaming LAAAAAAAAAAWNMOWER BOOBIES!