Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halo 3 ODST impressions

Will update throughout the day.

11:12pm -- I'll reserve further judgment on the campaign until I finish it up. If you are a halo fan you should enjoy firefight mode. ODST is not the next best thing, it's just here to tide us over. The campaign just doesn't have the usual halo epicness. The music and sound effects are really good and well above average.

6:54pm -- Not sure what to think about the campaign. It's good, but I had more fun playing firefight. Legendary is a cake walk in co-op.

4:07pm -- Firefight is sooo dang fun, especially with 4 people. I can't wait to try out all the levels. I'm about to check out the campaign. There is a weird lag freeze issue going on. It only lasts for a second and happens rarely, but it's still annoying. Oh, the graphics are improved, the framerate seems much smoother than that of halo 3 multi.

12:04pm -- Firefight mode is excellent. I only played a few maps by myself but it sure crushes horde mode found in Gears 2. I don't notice a huge leap in graphics, but the effects are still top notch. Just waiting for people to get online to play co-op with.


  1. Sweet, can't wait to rent it. Sad that the graphics are the same though.

    GamerTag: Bboy360.com

  2. Please Add me on Xbox Live Man

    GamerTag: Im so Talanted

    you added me on FaceBook already would love to play some Halo with you I completed the campaign on
    co-op on legendary = easy some of the firefight ones are hard though.

    I spent nearly 4 hours sitting through one level by myself to get 200k on Windward FOR 10G that's dedication :)

  3. What do you mean I added you on facebook? I'm not on facebook.

    4 hours? what difficulty?

  4. On Easy Lol but if i did it on Normal it wouldv'e only took me 2 hours

  5. LOL thats really funny - Hey Stallion, looks like you got an impersonator on Facebook - and that people are really enjoying being "HIS" friend, but thinking they are "YOUR" friend... that made me laugh!!
    Wonder who that imposter is - a sad little 15 yr old twat, probably, with no mates :D