Tuesday, September 22, 2009


3 years ago today I reached number 1 in the world for gamerscore, unofficially. September 22, 2006 is the day I passed up STtheking. It's unknown if he was still legit or even legit at all during that time. Everyone else ahead of me cheated at some capacity. The time could be longer but it's no less than 3 years. That I'm certain of. It came around the 52,000 point mark and I did it while playing the American version of Enchanted Arms. I'm not sure what happened to ST, but I do know whoever uses that gamertag now is not the same person. I have to give Kaens props for making that legit leaderboard back in the day. He helped tremendously with the non cheating movement.

My will to become number 1 overall is not the only thing that drove me. It has to do with character. My respect for xbox live and the system. I still don't get why people cheated the way the did. It's something I will always wonder about. It's a trait I wasn't born with so I don't know how it feels to be that way. The only way you can truly win is by doing things the correct way. When you have a fantastic dream at night it never involves cutting corners.

Most people don't know what it was like the very first year of whorefest. It was the dark days. Not a huge selection of games to choose from. The arcade games released then would be considered drizzle on your xbox live forecast. I reckon if I started over on a new tag today I could gain over 100,000 in less than 30 days, with ease. Just because of my previous knowledge of the games I would cut through them like butter. I guess that's sort of a shot at some people saying so and so would beat you if they started from the beginning.

Time for some Halo 3 ODST. :)


  1. I remember when I added games like Rumble Roses to my card because there was nothing else to play.

    Enjoyed this blog post, would love to read more like this.

  2. I've played some ODST already. I'm doing the campaign Solo on Legendary to start out. Might as well get it all done in one playthrough. A tip:

    When you get to "Both Tubes - Got 10 Rocket kills on Kizingo Boulevard" I suggest you use my method...

    Hit it to the left as soon as the level starts and get 4-5 kills with your first rocket. Get the driver out of your tank back to the right (behind you now) and trade weapons to give him the rockets. Then make sure he gets on your tank. Any kills he gets with the rockets will count towards the 10 and he will have unlimited ammo.

  3. I'd like to know what your moral code is when it comes to cheaters. Game savers are obviously cheaters so let's look past that.

    What about people who legitimately play the game and put in the hours even though the method they used to get the achievement is not normal playing of the game?

    As an example I'll reference Star Wars Force Unleashed. There is an achievement for killing 500 enemies by throwing your light saber. Is it perfectly acceptable to play the first level over and over again to get the kills needed?

    Does that same reasoning transfer over to multiplayer games like Gears of War? Where someone can group together with five other people to get kills during a match with no opposition.

    I'd real like know what you think about this or at the very least offer a Achievement Whore's Code of Conduct so that I can know what you mean when you say you are legit.

  4. He did make one, it's like the third or fourth post in IIRC.

  5. Man ... Its gonna suck when u reach 1 million and find out no one cares. Get a hobby or job please.

  6. Wow, check out the balls on those anonymous posters. Maybe if they had work then they wouldn't be skulking around the internet insulting people. Ha ha ha! Keep on keeping on brother.

  7. Great post, I remember reading in article on ST, and some other people a long time ago on OXM(I think) when they had 30-40K.