Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All your messages and voices are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

C sMoOVe 22 writes: u need a LIFE qet a qirl friend

Xx Marc240 Xx writes: Get a life

Vive La Chatte writes: ur a dork

PaandemiK writes: u have no f*cking u greasy american!

XBeastly DemonX writes: Get a life!!!

Lil Dr Pooch writes: SUCK MY BALLS!!!!!!!

I lmpact l writes: u must be gay if you play hannah montana f*ckin flamer quit cheating c*nt scab

JPR01 writes: no your going to ruin batman arkham asylum addicted faggot

hydro pontic writes: wow ur such a lying f*cker you cheat at games ur not legit just admit it dont lie about it

jimmyMc2k9blad writes: hacker u hve 2 of the same titles lke uve gt BulletWitch on ter twice wit 999gs + another wierd name on twice
2nd message:and Wanted:WOF u dnt even hve legit gamerscore....pfft hackers nowadays...
3rd message: hw the hell u gt all those ¤ to buy all the map paks?
4th message: wtf GH5 is nt even out yet!

S83: I was playing GH5 on a Wednesday. a full day after release. As for the rest of your Q's, get your head out of your ass!

Irathrmnd III writes: hey they hate but man keep it up it dont even matter wat they say cause they searched you they found u they wanted 2 no who makes their score look like nothin and frankly they say you hav no lif but uv talked to 100 times more people then they hav GL

MYM NESTA writes: i love you . you are my hero

Nefastwo writes: Hey Stallion!, Hi ^^ I am Nefastwo, from Spain and you're my idol in achievements of Xbox 360, You can agree me in friends please? i dont speak english good... but understand english good xD, well... Good bye my friend ^^

xtantss writes: hey stallion keep up the good work and ignore all those haters.

Just Mtn Dew Me writes: Hey Stallion. Just wanted to say I'm rooting for you to hit the 1 million mark. What you're doing made me want to try to accomplish the same feat. Keep up the good work.

The1ShotSniper writes: yo omfg Stallion whats up bro? sick gamerscore. Hey howd you get it that high bro? ur a BEASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt

matt11141995 writes: finally! i have a game that i have more gamerscore then you in it its guitar hero aerosmith u have 875 and i have 890 well congrats on 358903 gamerscore if you can recommend some easy gamerscore games id really like it

KillerBEA3991 writes: just out of curiosity since you have played so many games which is your favorite game

S83: Multi player - Halo 3 Single player - Fallout 3

LAstSPartAn65 writes: All ur gamersore are belong to me!!!!!!!!!!! N00B

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KingJoe2323 says:


  1. The videos aren't working properly, c*nt scab. :)

  2. It always amazes me how much hate mail you get just for playing games. They're all just jealous I guess. Afraid of putting in a bit of hard work.

    PS: What is The Beatles Rockband Game like? I was thinking of getting it.

  3. ROFL at Deez Apples' comment just LOL'ed at work and made it reeeeaaal obvious I am slacking off.
    Thanks again Stallion for another amusing All you r messages.." blog.

  4. Mr. Bucket brought to you by Milton Bradley lololl.

    follow my journey!

  6. I got one the other day and im only at 142k LMAO

    'Lol you need help buddy im 19 and I still have more sense than a fat greasy spotty nerd such as urself! Go eat cake and bum up your cheap disney games ............. NERD'

    I wanted something with c*nt scab in it :(