Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chrome Hounds High

A new day, a new war. My real Chrome Hounds experience started today. I have until January to get what I can. The servers will be shut down then. 1,000 for me is not possible. I wouldn't want to torture myself for 1,000 hours. Even not going for broke seems to be a very tedious affair. The only thing that makes this somewhat fun is that a group of us are trying to accomplish a goal. Win the war. I'll admit, I am still a nubcookie when it comes to this game. I am getting my wings, slowly but surely.

I was going to gun for an achievement a day for a few weeks. A nice slow pace suits me well with this one. I may end up pushing it so we can get a few of the harder medals once the war is complete. I am jaded when it comes to unlocking achievements in general, no doubt about it. Getting them in Chrome Hounds feels oddly satisfying for some reason. I can't remember the last time I got an achievement high. It could be the fact that I never thought I would play it. It sat here on my self for over 3 years aging like a bottle. Chrome Hounds...the finest wine.

What our squad must do:

For lulz. I had this stupid song in my head for weeks after playing that Disney Sing it game. I'm sorry sing it fans, but this is dog poo. I should have no business putting my hands in your poo. The crap and/or poo I touch for achievements...*sigh* .

Games that WILL melt your face

BattleField Bad Company 2

Why your face WILL melt:
Now that Dice has a few console FPS under their belt they have the experience. I still believe they will make the greatest console game EVER sometime in the near future. It might be Battlefield 3 whenever they unleash that. You will not find this type of destruction in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I know COD is favored by most, but Battlefield is the next best thing.

When your face WILL melt:
March 2, 2010

How to prepare yourself for a melted face:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog turns 1, dies from old age

I started this blog up 1 year ago today. What have I learned? A blog is a good way to vent. I've probably converted a few people into becoming achievement whores over the course of this year. For that, I am truly sorry. Anyone that left me a comment, sent me encouraging mail, or hate mail. Thank you. I will continue venting here for the foreseeable future. Anything blog related I should do? Maybe a new sexy look? Get new blood blogging on here? I'm open for suggestions.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interview turned article

Title of the article "Embracing your inner xbox360 achievement addict"

Here is a snippet of the article taken from &

"You find yourself boasting (repeatedly) to your friends that you’ve got the maximum 1000 gamerscore in the game…and log in to your console just to bring up the screen that proves it."

"Oddly enough, your friends don’t seem to care."

"The next day at work, you spend an hour researching the best ways to kill enemies, gather collectables, or glitch to make it easier to unlock more achievements in your next game. You continue to tell yourself you’re still in control."

"Next, you find yourself taking a day off work just to try to boost a game online; after all, you can’t finish it off without those pesky multiplayer achievements!"

"Stallion83’s current goal, to reach 1,000,000 gamerscore, began last fall (he’s aiming to have it done by December 31, 2014), and his website at chronicles his efforts. He identifies as a Hybrid addict: “I have different cycles that I go into during the course of a year,” he says. “My main cycle is to get the most out of a game and then move on to another game. I usually come back months later and top a lot of those off.”

To see the full article go HERE or HERE. Nice job Steve.

I had a few interviews lined up at the time but I was busy with the gamerscore league and only did one. UFC gaming and Australian 360 mag were the other two that contacted me at the time. I'm glad I ended up not doing the Aussie one. It turns out they focused mostly on the Aussie #1 guy who happens to be a cheater :(. Check THIS thread out for the lulz. I've heard that they are doing a follow up which is good news and I would be happy to do it now. Look out for something else soon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halo 3 ODST impressions

Will update throughout the day.

11:12pm -- I'll reserve further judgment on the campaign until I finish it up. If you are a halo fan you should enjoy firefight mode. ODST is not the next best thing, it's just here to tide us over. The campaign just doesn't have the usual halo epicness. The music and sound effects are really good and well above average.

6:54pm -- Not sure what to think about the campaign. It's good, but I had more fun playing firefight. Legendary is a cake walk in co-op.

4:07pm -- Firefight is sooo dang fun, especially with 4 people. I can't wait to try out all the levels. I'm about to check out the campaign. There is a weird lag freeze issue going on. It only lasts for a second and happens rarely, but it's still annoying. Oh, the graphics are improved, the framerate seems much smoother than that of halo 3 multi.

12:04pm -- Firefight mode is excellent. I only played a few maps by myself but it sure crushes horde mode found in Gears 2. I don't notice a huge leap in graphics, but the effects are still top notch. Just waiting for people to get online to play co-op with.


3 years ago today I reached number 1 in the world for gamerscore, unofficially. September 22, 2006 is the day I passed up STtheking. It's unknown if he was still legit or even legit at all during that time. Everyone else ahead of me cheated at some capacity. The time could be longer but it's no less than 3 years. That I'm certain of. It came around the 52,000 point mark and I did it while playing the American version of Enchanted Arms. I'm not sure what happened to ST, but I do know whoever uses that gamertag now is not the same person. I have to give Kaens props for making that legit leaderboard back in the day. He helped tremendously with the non cheating movement.

My will to become number 1 overall is not the only thing that drove me. It has to do with character. My respect for xbox live and the system. I still don't get why people cheated the way the did. It's something I will always wonder about. It's a trait I wasn't born with so I don't know how it feels to be that way. The only way you can truly win is by doing things the correct way. When you have a fantastic dream at night it never involves cutting corners.

Most people don't know what it was like the very first year of whorefest. It was the dark days. Not a huge selection of games to choose from. The arcade games released then would be considered drizzle on your xbox live forecast. I reckon if I started over on a new tag today I could gain over 100,000 in less than 30 days, with ease. Just because of my previous knowledge of the games I would cut through them like butter. I guess that's sort of a shot at some people saying so and so would beat you if they started from the beginning.

Time for some Halo 3 ODST. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I can't believe it's almost October already! 1MG blog is almost 1 year old. Halo 3 ODST is being released this Tuesday and I'm really excited about trying out the co-op and firefight mode. Not to mention the new maps for Halo 3 multiplayer.

I'm still working towards my goal of 400,000 and I hope to hit that by the end of the year. I am slightly off track but not by much. I have some games sitting here that I will be trying to get done before those slime bag publishers axe the online play. Chromehounds, FIFA 08, and Need for Speed Pro Street. Chromehounds I won't get done, but I want to get something out of it. The Chromehounds servers will be shut down in January. If you didn't get the memo, consider yourself served. As for the other two games, I'm not sure. With EA involved every online game is a ticking time bomb. DON'T CUT THE BLUE WIRE! Need for Speed Pro Street might have some life left to it. It was recently released for games on demand and touts mutliplayer features. It's recently departed sibling, Carbon, sings a different tune. No multiplayer features touted.

I'm really wanting to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 but the online co-op seems to be a buggy mess. I wanted to knock most of that out before Halo 3 ODST was released but that doesn't look possible. I've been entertained by WET. WET is fun. I'm not getting into good, great, or awesome talk. It's just FUN. It's like Max Payne, Strangle Hold, Kill Bill, and 007 movie intros. Not 60 bucks fun, an appropriate price would've been 40 dollar, dollar bills y'all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All your messages and voices are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

C sMoOVe 22 writes: u need a LIFE qet a qirl friend

Xx Marc240 Xx writes: Get a life

Vive La Chatte writes: ur a dork

PaandemiK writes: u have no f*cking u greasy american!

XBeastly DemonX writes: Get a life!!!

Lil Dr Pooch writes: SUCK MY BALLS!!!!!!!

I lmpact l writes: u must be gay if you play hannah montana f*ckin flamer quit cheating c*nt scab

JPR01 writes: no your going to ruin batman arkham asylum addicted faggot

hydro pontic writes: wow ur such a lying f*cker you cheat at games ur not legit just admit it dont lie about it

jimmyMc2k9blad writes: hacker u hve 2 of the same titles lke uve gt BulletWitch on ter twice wit 999gs + another wierd name on twice
2nd message:and Wanted:WOF u dnt even hve legit gamerscore....pfft hackers nowadays...
3rd message: hw the hell u gt all those ¤ to buy all the map paks?
4th message: wtf GH5 is nt even out yet!

S83: I was playing GH5 on a Wednesday. a full day after release. As for the rest of your Q's, get your head out of your ass!

Irathrmnd III writes: hey they hate but man keep it up it dont even matter wat they say cause they searched you they found u they wanted 2 no who makes their score look like nothin and frankly they say you hav no lif but uv talked to 100 times more people then they hav GL

MYM NESTA writes: i love you . you are my hero

Nefastwo writes: Hey Stallion!, Hi ^^ I am Nefastwo, from Spain and you're my idol in achievements of Xbox 360, You can agree me in friends please? i dont speak english good... but understand english good xD, well... Good bye my friend ^^

xtantss writes: hey stallion keep up the good work and ignore all those haters.

Just Mtn Dew Me writes: Hey Stallion. Just wanted to say I'm rooting for you to hit the 1 million mark. What you're doing made me want to try to accomplish the same feat. Keep up the good work.

The1ShotSniper writes: yo omfg Stallion whats up bro? sick gamerscore. Hey howd you get it that high bro? ur a BEASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt

matt11141995 writes: finally! i have a game that i have more gamerscore then you in it its guitar hero aerosmith u have 875 and i have 890 well congrats on 358903 gamerscore if you can recommend some easy gamerscore games id really like it

KillerBEA3991 writes: just out of curiosity since you have played so many games which is your favorite game

S83: Multi player - Halo 3 Single player - Fallout 3

LAstSPartAn65 writes: All ur gamersore are belong to me!!!!!!!!!!! N00B

Jwmcpotsjr says:

KingJoe2323 says:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Party Chatter Chronicles

Sunday, September 6th.

The happenings inside the party chat.

Netflix instant que comes up and I mention the Leprechaun movies. Cru believes that in one of the movies the Leprechaun turns into a lawn mower with boobs to get some guys attention. Then proceeds to murder him with the boob blades.....

Piecing together her exact words: "Do you guys remember when the Leprechaun turned into a lawn mower with boobs and chopped some guy up?"

Here is what I found on youtube.

Sadly none of the Leprechaun movies are available on the nextflix instant que. :(

Omega Deez was intrigued by the whole netflix instant que thing he decided to try it out.

Majinfro and McTennis gang up on Rand al thor 19....They hate Barrack Obama... Rand defends ....Majinfro and Tennis continue to gang up on him saying Obama will turn into a robot and destroy the internetz...Tennis said, if Bush didn't fail so much he would've been considered one of the greatest Presidents of all time. This discussion went on for quite a bit. I probably missed half of it.

While playing Guitar Hero 5 we let apple flex his golden pipes. Needing more diamond challenges, I ask him about Under Pressure and if he could handle it. He replied in a sincere but scared voice "that's David Bowie"

Apple can't handle the Bowie.

I also meet Ritalin pwner for the first time in Guitar Hero. I think he needs a higher dosage of the stuff.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Perfect Circle

Gamerscore 360

Thanks to stophj for giving me the Zombie Wrangler viral achievement which evened out my gamerscore. I figured I HAD to hit 360,000. It is the xbox 360 after all. 360 gamerscore points is a pretty small amount and 36,000 really doesn't look that well. 360,000! Now that holds some weight because it kind of makes me reflect on everything I have accomplished over the last 3+ years. One big circle. Whatever you have to say or think about me, I like my circle. That's all that matters to me. Hexic HD was the start of the circle, Raven Squad is the end.

Now I'm on a singular path. No more circles!(Unless the next xbox is really called the "720") There is bound to be bumps and probably some forks. I'm just happy now. I will use this time to sit back and reflect. Like at the top of a waterfall, I am looking down. The climb was tough, but gosh darn it, the view, the sweet fresh air, the wind hitting my face. This makes everything I once hated, totally worth it. I would do it all over again.

To everybody that helped me along the way, OOOOOO. Those are manly hugs!

For me, hitting 360,000 is greater than 200,000 or 300,000. Getting to 100,000 was like chapter 1. Reaching 360,000 feels like completing another one. The next chapter starts shortly, but I have no idea when it will end. I will just know.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dawn of the Downloadable

The horde's of downloadable content that's been unloaded is making those holes in my Swiss cheese gamercard even bigger. I'm pretty shocked at the amount of crap lurking on it for piles of monies. Most DLC is crap with the exceptions being maps for mutliplayer games you enjoy, some of the Fallout 3 stuff, and GTAIV. Everything else seems to be overpriced garbage. If you've played the Saints Row 2 DLC I hope you can agree.

Here is what I am missing and how much it would cost me to get these mostly easy achievements.

Gears of war 2: 3 achievements for 175 points DLC details: OWN it

Tomb Raider Underworld JP: 10 achievements 250 points DLC details: 1600MSP=$20 (Need Japanese MSP for this)

Transformers 2: 10 achievements 250 points DLC details: Not sure what the pricing is

Banjo Kazooie N&B: 10 achievements 250 points DLC details: 400MSP=$5

Red faction Guerrilla: 10 achievements 250 points DLC details: 800MSP=$10

Call of duty W@W: 20 achievements 500 points DLC details: 1600MSP=$20

Prince of Persia: 10 achievements 250 points DLC details: 800MSP=$10

Halo 3: 20 achievements 500 points DLC details: Buy Halo ODST $60

Halo Wars: 8 achievements 200 points DLC details: 1600MSP=$20

Fallout 3: 18 achievements 450 DLC details: 3200MSP=$40

Tomb Raider Underworld: 10 achievements 250 points DLC details: 1600MSP=$20

Mirror's Edge: 6 achievements 250 points DLC details: 800MSP=$20

Scene it BOS!: 8 achievements 250 points DLC details: 560MSP=$7

Marble Blast Ultra: 2 achievements 40 points DLC details: 400MSP=$5

Fable 2: 16 achievements 350 points DLC details: 1360MSP=$17

The force unleashed: 12 achievements 345 points DLC details: 1600MSP=$20

Beautiful Katamari: 3 achievements 250 points DLC details: It could be more but at least 800MSP=$10

Marathon: 4 achievements 50 points DLC details: 800MSP=$10 (BIG WTF)

Lost Odyssey: 6 achievements 100 points DLC details: 400MSP=$5

GRID: 4 achievements 100 points DLC Details: 800MSP=$10

GTA IV: 5 achievements 250 points, fixing to be a total of 500 points DLC details: 3200MSP=$40

Overlord: 1 achievement 50 points DLC details: OWNED

Mass Effect: 3 achievements 150 points DLC details: 400MSP=$5

The Godfather: 2 achievements 50 points DLC details: OWN it

Burnout Paradise: 10 achievements 250 points DLC details: Not sure what you have to buy but it's at least 1400MSP=$18

Bioshock: 1 achievement 100 points DLC details: Not sure how much.

Band of bugs: 3 achievements 50 points DLC details: again, not sure. I know this is not free.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: 4 achievements 90 points DLC details: OWN it

Samurai Warriors 2 XL: 8 achievements 250 points DLC details: 2400MSP=$30 (WTF)

Phantasy Star Universe: 5 achievements 250 points DLC details: 800MSP=$10

Kameo: 24 achievements DLC details: Not sure, it could be free.

Tomb Raider Legend: 10 achievements 250 points DLC details: 1600MSP=$20

Achievemnts missing: 266
Gamerscore missing: 6,775
Cost in MSP: 28,920+
Cost in dollars: $361+ for MSP $60 for halo ODST +tax=$450+

I am in no way against DLC but I am against overpriced fluff DLC.

To get that 90% completion I eventually want, I would just have to spend roughly $450 on crap. That would put me right around 89% gamerscore completion.

You may want to watch what you play in the future. Any game can and will come up out of it's grave and unleash crappy DLC on your face.