Thursday, August 6, 2009

A day in the life

H2H Gamerscore league Finals: Day 1 The MachiNe Team VS You got a Bad Draw

We face off against a single team for 4 days.

5:40 am -- I've run my course. 13 achievements 150 points in Wanted weapons of fate GR. Not sure how many achievements I unlocked, but I scored over 5,300. Spent.

4:56am -- still playing Wanted. Getting REALLY tired

4:04am -- Installed Wanted weapons of fate GR. Playing that now.

3:42am -- 2 achievements unlocked for 130 in hot wheels beat that. Don't know what is next.

2:58am -- Had a Yogurt and a piece of bread lol. Got a vitamin water 10 also.

2:51am -- starving, going to find something to eat.

2:49am -- switching to PAL console to play Hot wheel beat that french.

2:44am -- 31 achievements for 890 in NaTM. Getting tired. over 5,000 for the day.

12:36am -- 3 achievements for 140 points in ice age. Got more water. Onto NatM

12:22am -- xbox live is back up for me. Still playing Ice Age, going to get something in this before i switch.

11:57 -- I hooked up my Japanese system to see if it would connect to live and no dice. I am going to hook back up my American system and farm for berries in ice age since I spent them like a jackass. Hopefully live comes back soonish....

11:49 -- Next time I do a big day like this I will wait until live goes down before I shower.

11:40 -- I blame avatar clothing and items for this downtime.

11:36 -- I feel like a race horse at the starting gate. Just let me out! *Nose Flare*

11:32 -- I guess xbox live is down for many people. Thanks for ruining my flow M$. I had 5k today in my sights.

11:09 -- I think I just got screwed by the xbox live preview program. I hit cancel and I think it just canceled on my American system

11:06 -- Can't connect to xbox live.

10:52 -- blah, I can't believe i bought multiplayer items with my berries. wtf. 22 achievements unlocked for 505. Night at the freaking Museum next.

10:20 -- Still going with ice age. Messed up by buying stuff I didn't need. :( I didn't know you had to buy crystals , I bought everything BUT crystals. Going to eat some pizza.

9:25 -- Still plugging away at ice age. Still have a little monster left.

7:43 -- Playing Ice age

7:41 -- up to 3,500 so far today

7:35 -- took a shower. Had a weak sauce work out with 120 sit-ups (my mind said get to 5k and you can do this tomorrow) More water, when i mention water I am drinking 20oz clips. Had a salad with ranch and a few cherries. I'm just getting started. Unleashed the secret weapon which is a monster energy drink. This is some good stuff.

6:57 -- 2 achievements for 125 in SBK. Break from xbox time. Maybe a little bit of exercise and shower. I will unleash the secret weapon when I return.

6:22 -- 1 achievement 50 points in SBK.

6:13 -- switching to Smerican xbox and SBK. Getting more water

6:04 -- 3 achievements for 260 in Tomb Raider Underworld JP. Missed the final relic somehow, gonna go back and get it.

5:09 -- Tomb Raider Underworld JP time

5:04 -- 3 achievements unlocked for 60 points in BiA HH JP

4:57 -- 1 achievement 100 points in BiA HH JP. Don't know what is next yet.

4:47 -- Playing BiA HH JP

4:45 -- had pastrami & turkey on wheat,Low fat cottage cheese and Raspberries.

4:30 -- Lonely? You might want to import Time Leap, it's a dating sim. 1 achievement for 180 points. TL is done. Going to uninstall this garbage and install BiA: HH JP. I will eat while it installs.

4:02 -- Got more water

3:55pm -- 1 achievement worth 180 unlocked in Time leap. 1 more character to go. It's almost time to break out the secret weapon.

3:25pm -- 33 achievements unlocked for 950 in Sega Mega. Returning to the living room and Japanese xbox to play time leap. Getting warmer.

3:14pm -- Still going at Sega Mega

2:17pm -- Making good progress but I have a massive headache.

1:41pm -- Switching to Sega Mega and having a cascadian farm organic chocolate chip granola bar. Just warming up.

1:36pm -- Hot wheels french is boring me to death. 3 achievements unlocked for 130. Going to get more water then maybe switch to Sega mega drive collection.

12:34pm -- Time leap will have to wait. Moving to the bedroom where my PAL 360 is hooked up for some Hot Wheels french toast.

12:12pm -- Still time leaping. 1 more achievement worth 180 point unlocked.

11:31am -- 2 achievements for 360 in time leap. Going to fill up on water and brush my grill. Then back to time leap.

10:49am -- Had a bowl of kashi honey sunshine cereal with skim milk. Got a bottle of water and hooked up Japanese xbox for time leap.

10:43am -- Didn't have to watch the credit roll. Still going to eat.

10:40am -- Eating while the credits roll. 7 achievements unlocked for 200 points in G-force

10:16am -- Going to play G-force instead. Forgot about it.

10:13am -- Enough of that. 5 achievements for 75 points in uno rush. Hooking up Japanese 360 for time leap.

9:45am -- 7 achievements for 370 points in ski-doo. Uno rush next.

9:06am -- Gets another cup of coffee

9:02am -- 6 achievements for 110 points in NatM. Putting in ski-doo

8:48am -- 1 achievement 100 points in SBK. Puts in Night at the Museum

8:32am -- not looking forward to all this today. It's going to be a grind.

8:27am -- 1 achieve 25 points. Pops in SBK

8:21am -- Puts in high school musical 3: Senior year

8:19am -- It's on like Donkey Kong: 1 achievement 40 points. Gears 2

8:17:am -- Smrnov and tj have us off to a good start

8:14:am -- Coffee done! pops in gears of war 2

8:05 AM -- Making some Coffee, turned on my American 360.

8:00:AM -- Just woke up and slept good (5 hours)


  1. How much $$ would it take to put me in your linkroll?

    The site is XBox 360 related

    BTW how do you get your games? Gamefly, gifts, or do you do what I do and just wait until your crackhead friends are feinin' and buy their games on the cheap?

  2. LOL get a life or psychiatrist, it isn't normal, wasting time and life for gamepoints for god's sake.

  3. Do you even have a job or are you a college student on summer break right now? I'm not knocking you point whoring but I do wonder and I'm sure other people that read your blog do as well.

  4. Haha, this is crazy. Good job. A Completionist better get his arse into gear!