Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

THE253sGREATEST writes: i saw ur video.. if u got a real job u could get a nice tv and house instead of being addicted. WHAT DO U DO 4 A LIVING? I GET ACHIEVEMENTS HAHAHAHA
2nd message:YOU ARE A LOSER!!!!!! full 1000 in madden 10 god almighty. please play me in ufc so i can kick your ass so you dont have the satisfaction of getting an achievement you loser hahahahaha get a life

S83: That was the TV at the cabin or resort I stayed at....not mine

xTBM TaLeNTzZx writes: Your a f**king queer c**t and you need to get out more f**k sake man sort your sh*tty f**king life out you smelly fat american b*****d sad c**t. You have no f**king social life that doesnt involve your f**king xbox 360 now that is f**king sad.

Donkey Spoof writes: you will die alone

IN IE V II IN S writes: Wow, rape more gamerscore you sad c*nt. Turn your xbox off every once in a while.

FallenxxSoldier writes: you have absolutely no life... sorry but its true

HerbalCardshark writes: u hav no life!

BEASTLY NOOBxxx writes: nice gamerscore ever had sex?


Adam4ever writes: you are my idol.

Vx ST0RM xV wrties: i love u

Hot Glue writes: Envy Mode [on] off

woolybaabaa writes: Your the xbox god !

COSMIC SAMURAI writes: you are truely an achievement god!!

LEgiTxP3RS14NxX writes: my friend rudy has a crush on u

Kitty Jerker123 writes: YOU ARE GOD

Sniper Sam 07 writes: (clap)(clap) well done good god your profile is amazing

youngmaxwell941 writes: Dude ur a fu**in beast. Good luck on 1mill

meowmixmix writes: when i saw ur gamerscore i had a sudden urge to make out with u. love ur secret admirer.

Ham105 writes: you are the god of gamerscore i will be checking 1 million GS till it is done congrats on the 1/3 mark

TERPaholic writes: Hey dude love your blog and everything. Keep up the good work and don't let the haters bring you down. Peace.

Havk1nKn1ght writes: dude ur sick man keep it up i think that its super tight. cant wait to see 500,000 u got my support. you gotta be a master to get some of the crap u have got. good luck and dont worry about the haters just enjoy what you do man. -HavkinKnight

S83: Thank you all for the kind words.

billyjimmy4726 writes:my name is william and i like finger nail ppppppollish

S83:Rand al?

o iTwiSteD o writes: yo yo yo stallion whats good bro call xbox get this kid reset yo i need u rank 1 in the world f*ck this profile glitcher

S83: I think they got rid of whoever you are talking about.

WWAR SKYWALK3R writes: r u the guy with the GAMERSCORE

S83:I guess I'm the dude with the gamerscore.

Furious Gunman writes: I have a question that you'll look at and not give it a second thought, but then later you will find out that this is the most enlightening question you have heard. My question: Why? Such a simple question yet so much meaning. Reply if you want to.

S83: To be honest with you, there really is no simple answer.

TW1STED INSANE writes: which gamesaving site are you joined up to? and how did you learn to HEX edit good enough to not get reset!!!!!

S83: None and I don't have the slightest clue on how to HEX anything.

xGrenadeJumper7 writes: Don't you ever feel like giving up? You're just so far away, it takes real determination to do what you do.

S83: The thought has crossed my mind in the past but that was a while ago. Thanks.


  1. how come you edited the swear words out of the messages but didn't get a censored version for Kat William's videos? I don't like censorship and inconsistancies so that's all I'm saying.

    WOOH TO 400K

  2. I don't think Kat Williams would be very funny censored.

  3. I have a few good voice ones so probably soonish.

  4. yo man u inspired me i want 100,000 gamerscore... not as much as u but its a start and how do u get ur games?

  5. Where do u get the money for all those games?! Or u get them free or something like that?

    U play the whole day?

    Damn, u have a lot of points!! U own Xbox Gamerscore!

  6. Play Ikaruga if you want to prove something.

  7. Interesting post... Looks like solid-state memory is really beginning to take off. Hopefully we'll start seeing decreasing solid state harddisk prices real soon. Five dollar 32 GB SDs for your DS flash card... imagine that!

    (Posted on PostNet for R4i Nintendo DS.)