Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where in America is Stallion83 Winner

And the winner of the Arcade game is.....

Mammoth congrats to you. Choose wisely. :)

With the answer of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Maybe you've visited pigeon forge or something? I'd like to know. A lot of you guys were extremely warm. How many of you picked up on the pool ball hint, 8 6 5? That's the area code of Pigeon Forge and several other counties in Tennessee. I'm just curious if anyone did since so many of you picked Knox county. I'm surprised nobody guessed a place that is not in the US.

The pool table clue that may have been a little tough.

So we have 2 down 48 to go. A long long ways to go.

Here is the map: (click or download for best results)

Look out for more videos and prizes in the near future. Keep a bedroom available also.


  1. Im kickin myself right now. I looked at that and though it looked dead up like a mountain where we stayed in a cabin a few times in Pigeon Forge but Im an idiot and didnt put it down. O well.

  2. On the map, you should have a picture of the achievement earned at that location.

    Bonus points if, when you hover over the achievement picture, a popup appeared to say what the achievement was. ;)

  3. So why is there a star in Alabama? Is that where your hometown is? Seemed odd place to have a the lone star on the map.

  4. The star was just on the map I found. Nothing to it really.

  5. Wow I live close to you. I could drive over there haha I live in North Carolina.