Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vissez Rosetta Stone j'ai reçu le français de Roues Chaud

No need for this garbage! I have Hot Wheels: Beat That French version for my language learning needs. My foreign xbox is now paying itself off. Eat your heart out Rosetta!

Un tiers d'un million ce week-end.

Allez achètent le champ de bataille 1943 sur le xbox la place du marché vivante.

Roues Chaudes : Battu cela!> Rosetta Stone : Aucun diggity sans doute


  1. haha ! you need to improve your French Stallion xD
    A French Fan ;-)

  2. haha. don't be hating. But you got me man, I used a french translator. I took french in high school, but I slept through class everyday. :)

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