Monday, July 6, 2009

Milk does a gamerscore league good

I am having a good time in the Console Heroes GSL. In past gamerscore leagues I only had new releases to play so it was quite the task to put up points at a high rate. This time around I have a backlog of games to choose from due to slow play since I hit 300,00. I have been sticking to my swiss cheese method and it has proven to much more enjoyable . Overall this GSL has been a lot less stressful and I will probably be doing it again in the future. Gamerscore leagues are only fun if you have something to milk.

That is what I have been focused on for the past 3 weeks. The league runs for another 5 weeks, that is if we make it to the final round. Go machiNes!

My GSL history: W-L
Console Heroes/h2hgsl-2-0

I think this will be the toughest one to win.

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  1. HELLO PEEPS.i have been playing the xbox for about 7 months now and have become and achievement whore.after recently being in a competion with sum1 .i now have 24740 gamerscore but i am still adictied im beating her by 1200 or more but just cant stop going i love achievements ,help me lol