Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The MachiNe team makes the playoffs in H2H GSL

Console Heroes has been running a gamerscore league over the past 6 weeks. The MachiNe team is lucky enough to be in the thick of things which kicks off this weekend. Thursday through Sunday I should be scoring out of my mind. We go up against two other teams and the team with the most points squares off against a singular team from the other bracket in the finals. That would be held the following weekend. Hopefully we can make it all the way. There is no doubt that this will be a dog fight. It seems we've been the target all season and I don't see that changing. I will post the scorecards on here when it kicks off so you can follow the blood bath if you choose to do so.

I've been preparing by having a low dose of gaming, lots of water and bathing in methyl & butyl thiols (skunk juice). I recommend our competition do the same, especially the skunk juice part.

The MachiNe team is made up of myself, smrnov, tjayars, and A completionist.


  1. hehe good luck this weekend... hope to match up against the legends at finals

  2. Xylo, our team didn't make it to the finals.

  3. Lolers went a perfect 0-12. Pretty epic.