Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All your voices are belong to me

If you thought it was safe to send voice messages instead of text, think again. Your voice now belongs to me.

You may need crank up the volume a bit for these. If you turn it up loud enough you can hear Possum in the background on the chicken video.

WHITEYMAN999 says:

S83:Nobody calls me chicken!

MilkWeEd x Jr says:

Killux5739 says:


  1. Lol I'm gonna send the third one a message to check this site. Also on TA your name hasn't appeared for quite a while in my friends feed, are you slowing down on cheevos or just trying to get really hard ones?

  2. wtf is up with the 2nd one. i feel sorry for that dude. his voice is like an extra retarded Rand Al Thor.