Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekly Decap

Sunday April 26th-Saturday May 2nd

X-men Origins: 47 achievements won worth 890. I played the game on easy because hard is not unlocked from the beginning.
Estimated time for full 1,000= 16-20 hours.
Difficultly for 890= 3/10
Game rating 8/10
Achievement rating 8/10: A very solid list, the only thing holding it back is having to play it twice.
Hardest achievement: Walking Death: Beat the game on hard difficulty

Legendary: 38 achievement won worth 590. I played it on easy because the game is not stack able. You have to play it three times to get all achievements.
Estimated time for full 1,000= Unknown
Estimated time for 590= 4-6 hours
Game rating 5/10
Achievement rating 2/10: When you have to play the game three times and do a DOA mulitplayer game, your achievement list sucks
Hardest achievement: Savage law of the jungle: Complete the game on hard difficulty

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena: 9 achievements won worth 195.
Estimated time for full 1,000: 50-60 hours
Difficulty for 1,000: 8/10 TIME!!!
Game rating: Single player 8.5/10 Multiplayer 0.5/10
Achievement rating: 2/10 1o,000 kills!!!! 1,000 wins!!!! Leave these type of achievements for good games. No complaints about the single player achievements.
Hardest achievement: Winner level 3: Win 1,000 matches or basic weapon handling level 3: 10,000 kills.

Prince of Persia: 44 achievements won worth 960.
Estimated time for full 1,000: 12-15 hours
Difficulty for 1,000: 5/10
Game rating: 8/10 If it had better sword play and more than 5 enemies this would be a 9. I love the graphics style and running around like a monkey the best.
Achievement rating: 8/10 With the auto update you don't have to worry about two achievements that would probably give some troubles. Beat the game in 12 hours achievement and being saved less than 100 times.
Hardest achievement: Light seeds master: Congratulations, you have collected 1001 light seeds.

The Maw:1 achievement worth 20 points I bought the speeder Lane level for 100 Microsoft points. I was very disappointed with this last DLC level.

Guitar hero:WT:No achievements won. I tried to get the beat it vocal achievement. EPIC FAIL!!!

Achievements won: 139
Gamerscore gain: 2,655(most in a long time)
Best achievement earned: Basic Weapon Handling level 3: 10,000 kills: Riddick
Most original achievement: Jazz hands: Legendary
Game of the week: Prince of Persia
Best game for quick gamerscore: X-men-Origins


  1. Weekly Decap...itation? =P

    Did you follow my tutorial, then play the Youtube song into the mic, I hear that's easier than actually humming.

    Is X-men really that good? I'll be receiving it Monday and I want to prepare myself in anyway possible, for suicide, that is.

  2. I tried singing it fo realz.

    If you prepare yourself for crap you should enjoy. I'll just say I liked it a hell of a lot more than Marvel Ultimate alliance.

    Good but not great.

    Stay thirsty my friends

  3. Apparently lots of people have done the Beat It achievement on Guitar Hero by using some sort of keyboard synthesizer to boost that waveform "star power" equivalent of vocals.

    WAY too much work!

  4. It's good for me to be able to read the opinions from you as I believe your opinion over professionals simply down to the fact you've played most games on the console.

    I hope you keep up blog posts like this, they're very informative (on new games such as Wolverine especially).

  5. This is a cool new feature, good to see what you've done in the past week w/o having to OCD like keep checking TA or something similar. Lol

  6. What does the auto update for PoP duo to make those achievments easier?

  7. You don't have to do either and you will still get the achievement. At least I did. So did majinfro.

  8. I think I finally figured out how to leave a comment after a few months of reading your blog.

    I like this new game breakdown, keep it up, then I don't have to keep sending messages asking how long things take. :)

  9. Thrawn, the current assumption is that when the game updates it resets the saves/time counter on the save files.

  10. A busy week it seems. I have to play PoP and Wolverine still!!