Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guinness World Record

A week or two ago I was contacted by Gaz, the records manager for The Guinness book of world records. Apparently I will be included in the 2010 gamers edition for having the highest gamerscore in the world. From the look of things, the 2010 book will be released sometime early next year. I'm not quite sure how big the feature will be, but it's pretty cool that Gaz contacted me about the whole thing. At first I thought it was some hoax so of course I did my research.

So needless to say I was very excited about receiving a record for something that I enjoy doing. I don't know how long I can hold the record, Never less, I am going to One Million. Maybe 1 million will be the Guinness world record in 2016.

Hopefully this will spawn other Guinness World Records as far as achievements and gamerscore goes. Most points in one day and so on.

I was going to wait until this thing released before I mentioned it, but that is so far off. I told a few about it when I was first contacted.

More on this record thing as it develops.

*UPDATE*  HERE is the link to the 2011 certificate I received.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekly Decap

Sunday May 17th- Saturday May 23rd

Hannah Montana: 12 achievement won worth 1,000
Estimated time for 1,000= 3:30-4 hours
Difficulty for 1,000=1/10
Achievement rating: 7/10
Hardest achievement: Perfect aim: Won the bottle Toss game at the fair.

Spidey: Web of shadows: 35 achievements won worth 845
Estimated time for 1,000=20-25 hours
Difficulty for 1,000=5/10
Game rating: 6.5/10
Achievement rating: 4/10
Hardest achievement: Obsessive Spider-man: 60 bonus goals completed

Destroy all Humans: Path of the Furon: 8 achievements won worth 150
Estimated time for 1,000= 12 hours
Difficulty for 1,000= 3/10
Game rating: 5/10
Achievement rating: 6/10
Hardest achievement: Apocalypse Right Now: Complete all missions, odd jobs, Challenges and unlocked all Landing Zones

Achievements won: 55
Gamerscore gain: 1,995
Best achievement: Obsessive Spider-man: 60 bonus goals completed: Spidey-Web of Shadows
Best game for quick gamerscore: DUH!
Most original achievement: Destroy all humans! Destroyed 1,979 humans: DAH

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Decap

Sunday May 10th-Saturday May 16th

NHL2k9: 35 achievements won worth 920
Estimated Time for 920=15-20 hours
Difficulty for 920=2/10
Game rating:6/10
Achievement rating: 1/10
Hardest achievement: Team 2k??? Not many people have it.

Spidey: Web of shadows: 8 achievement won worth 115
Everything else: TBD

Guitar Hero Metallica: 10 achievement won worth 145

Gears of war 2: No achievements won. I'm trying to reach level 50 and raised it a couple during double XP weekend. I think I'm right at 38 or close.

Family game night: scrabble & Yahtzee
: 5 achievements won worth 120
Estimated time to complete each family game night game= 1-2 hours

How did you get so many Q's? Don't worry about it

Achievements won: 58
Gamerscore gain: 1,300
Best achievement earned: 1,000 goals: NHL2k9
Most Original achievement: Lumberjack: Get a hat trick with a player that's fully-bearded in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Best game for quick gamerscore: Family Game Night

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekly Decap

Sunday May 3rd-Saturday May 9th

Call of Duty: World at War: 43 achievements won worth 975
Estimated time for full 1,000= 12-15 hours
Difficulty for 1,000=7/10 Skill based
Game rating: Single Player 7/10 Mulitplayer=TBD
Achievement rating: 8/10 I would've liked to see some multiplayer achievements worth some gamerscore.
Hardest achievement: Which ever level gives you problems on veteran. The most time consuming achievement is a zero pointer: Go get some sun: You achieved the highest level in the game. Time to go outside and find some things to do

Guitar Hero: Metallica: 33 achievements won worth 670
Estimated time for 670=8-10 hours
Difficulty for 670= 3/10
Game rating: 7/10
Achievement rating: 5/10
Hardest achievement: One of the score a certain amount on a single song achievements.

Xmen Origins
: 2 achievements won worth 60

Guitar Hero World Tour: 2 achievement won worth 20

Rock Band 2: No achievements won. I played a few make your own sets in world tour. I bought a bunch of clothing for my character trying to get the achievement for spending 100,000 at the store.

Achievements won: 80
Gamerscore gain: 1,725
Best achievement earned: Hardened War Hero: Completed the game on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty and won on all fronts. Call Of duty W@W
Most original achievement: Snake in the Grass: Took out a Japanese soldier camouflaged and hiding in the grass. Call of Duty W@W
Game of the week: Call of Duty W@W
Best game for quick gamerscore: If you have all the instruments and a few friends to play online with: GH metallica

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekly Decap

Sunday April 26th-Saturday May 2nd

X-men Origins: 47 achievements won worth 890. I played the game on easy because hard is not unlocked from the beginning.
Estimated time for full 1,000= 16-20 hours.
Difficultly for 890= 3/10
Game rating 8/10
Achievement rating 8/10: A very solid list, the only thing holding it back is having to play it twice.
Hardest achievement: Walking Death: Beat the game on hard difficulty

Legendary: 38 achievement won worth 590. I played it on easy because the game is not stack able. You have to play it three times to get all achievements.
Estimated time for full 1,000= Unknown
Estimated time for 590= 4-6 hours
Game rating 5/10
Achievement rating 2/10: When you have to play the game three times and do a DOA mulitplayer game, your achievement list sucks
Hardest achievement: Savage law of the jungle: Complete the game on hard difficulty

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena: 9 achievements won worth 195.
Estimated time for full 1,000: 50-60 hours
Difficulty for 1,000: 8/10 TIME!!!
Game rating: Single player 8.5/10 Multiplayer 0.5/10
Achievement rating: 2/10 1o,000 kills!!!! 1,000 wins!!!! Leave these type of achievements for good games. No complaints about the single player achievements.
Hardest achievement: Winner level 3: Win 1,000 matches or basic weapon handling level 3: 10,000 kills.

Prince of Persia: 44 achievements won worth 960.
Estimated time for full 1,000: 12-15 hours
Difficulty for 1,000: 5/10
Game rating: 8/10 If it had better sword play and more than 5 enemies this would be a 9. I love the graphics style and running around like a monkey the best.
Achievement rating: 8/10 With the auto update you don't have to worry about two achievements that would probably give some troubles. Beat the game in 12 hours achievement and being saved less than 100 times.
Hardest achievement: Light seeds master: Congratulations, you have collected 1001 light seeds.

The Maw:1 achievement worth 20 points I bought the speeder Lane level for 100 Microsoft points. I was very disappointed with this last DLC level.

Guitar hero:WT:No achievements won. I tried to get the beat it vocal achievement. EPIC FAIL!!!

Achievements won: 139
Gamerscore gain: 2,655(most in a long time)
Best achievement earned: Basic Weapon Handling level 3: 10,000 kills: Riddick
Most original achievement: Jazz hands: Legendary
Game of the week: Prince of Persia
Best game for quick gamerscore: X-men-Origins