Friday, April 10, 2009

Slow week

I've been playing a lot of Gears of war 2. Consistently inconsistent is what you will find with extended online play. It pisses me off more than any game in the history of all games. It is just a broken experience that will probably never be addressed. I've still found a way to have fun with it, but gears of war 3 has a lot to prove. I love horde, I love co-op, but online play is a disaster no matter how you slice it. The new experience system is all right, it takes over 6 million experience to reach level 100. I am currently at level 31. I would say it takes around 500 hours to get to level 100.

Do not play MLB 2k9. What the hell is up with 2k servers? When did EA buy 2k? I kid. Another frustrating game that I've been working on. I finally have most of the cards done,just a few more things until I am completely done with it.

Monsters vs Aliens is the bright spot compared to gears of war 2 grinding and collecting stupid MLB cards. It is a very simple kids game that doesn't have you collecting a bunch of crap. Sure, you have to collect DNA, but it is everywhere. The big deal will be getting those last few achievements because you WILL have to grind. It is a pretty fun game though. I enjoy the bob levels the best. I usually hate these kids games but I like this one. It could be the concept, I dunno.

Things will pick up for me soon. Riddick and The Godfather will make me happy.


  1. I wish EA would buy out 2k's exclusivity as far as baseball is concerned. MVP Baseball was the shit a few years ago. Now the only way to play a good baseball game is with The Show on the PS3.

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  3. I hear ya on Godfather, the first one was awesome! I'd say I enjoyed playing it more than GTA4. Can't say Riddick has drawn me in though... played the demo and was somewhat disappointed.
    Curious, do you use gamefly to cycle through all those games or goozex?

  4. I will be grinding away at GOW2 for a long time as well...

    6 million eh? ouch... For me that would be well over 500 hours... lol..

    The only hope is if GOW2 does the double EXP nights like COD does every so often.