Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coming clean

I have not been honest with everyone over the years. This is what all the haters and cheaters have been waiting for. I am coming clean. I did not obtain all my gamerscore alone. I had someone else helping me out. I am sincerely sorry to everyone I lied to or believed in me. Maybe my close friends can find a way to forgive me, but I know everyone else will turn on me in a heartbeat.

I guess you are wondering who has been helping me over the years. Here is the gamertag that has been helping me.

It's april 2nd now so April fools day is over. If you didn't click on the gamertag it's gamertag April Fools. Thus the thing was a joke. So to those that I fooled, take that you cracka ass mo fo's.


  1. Haha! I knew it all along! Oh wait...

    Seriously though, congrats on 300K and looking forward to your 500K :)


  2. Should of seen that coming, but that was well planned out.

    Still gratz on 300k

  3. You know, I thought this was going to be about your cat. Didn't even dawn on me that it was April 1st. :p

  4. Wow I forgot it was April 1st. But when I click links I look at the thing in the bottom left that will show me the next site I'm going to and it said Fools lmao

    So I knew :D

  5. What's wrong with having someone help you get achievements? Especially some of those insane multiplayer achievements. Heck, a friend and I took one night and got all the TimeShift achievements -- was that so wrong?

    ...incidentally, if you need any help boosting... ;)

  6. Very nicely done, Gratz on the 300k ill catch up one of these days to ya

  7. LOL at a moment there I thought your blog had been hacked because it's April 2nd here in Australia now... nice one though ^_^
    I'm disappointed there's no abusive comments from people who got fooled. You must have received some messages.

  8. Funny, you actually had me going for a bit............

  9. You just raised the hopes of a million and one haters, then dashed them expertly. I salute you sir.


  10. i think mygamercard did not see april fools i dont see you there

  11. Chris Rock should move to the South. There is more than one time a white person can say that.

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  13. Fafhrdd here...


    I am just not reading this on April 20th and got worried there for a second!

    I was not going to diss ya and stop following you (I stop in every so often).

    Good joke :)