Monday, April 20, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

Bananaster80 writes: ok i no u r getting tired of getting messages from me but i was wondering if the hannah montana game has coop could u be a horse then i brush ur maine

Answer: I'm not sure if it has co-op. You can brush my maine under one condition, you have to stay in my line of sight.

Apocalyptoo writes: hello im just a tiny little guy from germany i would be very pruod if i could be in your "all messages are belong to me " on on like that im proud of you(sorry for my bad english)

pinkpanfa writes: You are a celebrity. The Leroy Jenkins of XBox. The Wilt Chamberlain of Gamerscores. You are everything from the Voltron cartoon introduction. The legend of Stallion, defender of the Gamerscore. Amighty player,loved by good feared by evil. U know

Answer: Well said! I'm none of those but that was funny as hell.

wackomann writes: Dude, do you charge people to be on your friends list?

Answer: They have to go through an audition process, kinda like American Idol. Rand al thor 19 can juggle 18 flame swords at once.

Hopeless Sloth writes: On a scale of 6 to Amazing, 9,000 being the highest and -1,337 being the lowest. I'd give you a Sandwich

Answer: I would like a sandwich.

swagger116 writes: Hey babes, I would love it if you came over to my place and beat me a leather whip, could you do that for me?


xRiddiK writes: Hi,I like flower's, Do you like flowers? they're very pretty. Almost as pretty as your eyes.*coughs* any who back on topic, I would like to proudly say that i have finally decided to send you a message saying, Goodjob,Think we ever have a chance

Answer: Not really a flower kind of guy.

LusciousOldMan writes: id make love 2 ur gamerscore

Answer: For the low low price of $29.99, your dream can become a reality.

ALMAINER writes: just out of intrest is your website legite

Answer: I use gamesaves to write my blogs.

esler writes: do you ever think ur gs will reach 1 mil before the end of 360

Answer: No, but I believe there will be more than enough to get 1,000,000 just on xbox 360 when it's all said and done. I believe your gamerscore will carry over to the next system also, it only makes sense.

AcHiEvMeNtSlave writes: hey stallion good work on the 300k. Is it possible that i could be on your friends list just for a week just would have some major bragging rights with my workmates who have xboxs to say i have the number1 GS leader on my list even if its just a week

Answer: You can just tell them you were on "all your messages are belong to me" forever.

GYP SET GIBSON writes: hey man i think u are awsome and a true hardcore gamer an insperation for me as i am now addicted to getting acheivments so i sent u a friend request and to all those haters f*** them your the man

NECKSHREDDA writes: hey bro congrats to 300k nd i just wana say urr like an idol cuz yu prove yu can get that high doing it legit... thanks man nd maybe one day i might be up tjere with ya...good luck to yurr 7 digits i check yurr site everyday lol..... later bro


  1. "I use gamesaves to write my blogs." Ahaha well played.

  2. So what audition did i have to do to get on your FL (Stallion add me)?

    I know buy a game so shite no one in the world would ever buy it let alone play it therefore we could boost? Am i right? :)

  3. Randy Thor juggles flamers not flaming swords. He did play Hannah Montana afterall.