Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank yous

My thank yous.

Rand al Thor-Once called me the Madam of the achievement whores. I think he has tuned out to be a bigger whore than I am. When Rand first sent me a friend request I thought he was messed up in the head. All he played for a good week was over-g and time pilot. I think we first played Saints Row together. That guy with the pimp coat was cheating or something. lol While playing gears of war 1 I said "Watch out there is a sniper" Rand says " I don't give a **** about no sniper" Half a second later I looked down at rands body and he had no head. Probably the funniest moment in my xbox live history.

The MachiNes
Omega Deez- I'm sorry I got you into the world of achievements. I know my cousin now because of xbox live and achievements. I never got to know him before because we live hundreds of miles apart. We started playing over live in late 2006. I think he had like 16k at the time. Even though he liked achievements, he wasn't addicted. Sorry about that man. It's been fun getting to know you better though.

Majinfro- It's been good getting to know you man. I'll be watching afro samuri and eating steakhouse burgers before you know it. Screw sweet tea though.

Apple-screw you man for making me look like I got reset. Nah, apple is my boy. Thanks for for everything Apple, you've been a big help.

Smrnov aka crown royal- not because he drinks but because he is Canada's finest. Thanks for all the help and tips over the years.

Jedi2332- Gave me the name Stalpwnious Maximus. If I ever change my name, I'll change it to that. We always had a blast playing some online MP together. Even if your aim is slightly off when intoxicated it was always interesting.

Gunny x- We should talk basketball more, your not biased like the turd. Thanks for the good times.

Blind aka A completionist & Kruegur x360a for bickering like my grandparents. always entertaining. lol

Cru doggy dogg for sending me a ton of games. I would still be a few thousand shy if it wasn't for you. Thanks a million!

Kaens- Thanks for making that legit leaderboard way back in the day.

Krazie x360a- Kobe> Lebron It was fun winning a GSL without too much drama. New ranking system in gears 2 so I'll be all over that. Hit me up fool. Thanks for having me on your ghetto podcast, it was interesting.

Joey Jeckel- Thanks for the kind words and support over the years. The epic gamerscore finals battle was one for the ages.Thanks for the banjo code also.

A 2rue Beast-Beast is one crazy mo fo. I like you because you are a straight shooter, as well as beastly.

Thelazywolf-Thanks for sending me those foreign games back in the day. Wolf has always a likable guy.

DJ2e- Thanks for all the help. Kane and lynch was so boring.

DJS33- Kane and lynch was awesome!

JD Buck- Thanks for the help and thanks for letting people rant and sound like morons in the process. :0

Jds78- Thanks for the help.

crimzen dragon- thanks for the epic armor and helping me out in fable 2 with co-op stuff.

Jimmy Hova aka Mr fast fingers we've helped each other out in many many games. thank you

Patches4711- If you haven't played or talked to patches he is a very likable guy. Thanks for everything.

Hayden- thanks for sending me Idol Master live for you. That was the greatest game in the history of games.

Aussie boofhead-I love you Aussie mo fo's.

Big avs foot 19- Thanks for helping me in NHL 08, you are the hockey master.

CC99999- The dude that stood up for a lot when it comes to gamescore. He may not be as hardcore anymore, but that doesn't make him not exist. Thanks for the great deal on the PAL xbox and games. Also thanks for running a truly awesome gamerscore league.

Cracker AOD- You stole my best buy gift card. lol Nah, we had some good times playing tiger woods back in the day as well as other things.

DHC Basilisk aka fallen angles- Fallen has a great sense of humor but his taste in games is questionable. lol

tjayars-Thanks for all the tips and help.

Ruthless Remix- I know your done with xbox and all but club pc was fun. lol

NumberUno x360a- Thanks for making me sigs. :)

Marx0r x360a- Following in your footsteps you blogging legend. lol Thanks for the south park character on x360a. :)

Mclinton92- Thanks for the help in pure.

To those I may have forgot I'm sorry. Anybody that has ever helped me thanks so much.
To anyone that sent me a thank you message or a message of encouragement, I really appreciate it.

To haters: Even if you hate me with all of you heart I'll never hate a single one of you as much as you hate me. I may dislike you, but I'm sure 90% of you guys are not assholes in real life. Internet tough guy mafia

Thanks to these websites, Much love.

Now onto 400k and beyond


  1. worst.mention.ever!

    haha naa,

    stoked on 300k man


  2. What, no thanks for me? :P

    Just kidding man. Congrats and good luck to 1 Million GS.

  3. Cheers for the shout out mate :)

    I'll finish it when you get a chance if you still need the help :) Let me know!

  4. God Damn. How do you live in the south and hate Sweet Tea? congrats dog~

  5. Nice work stallion Congrats!

  6. wow, that's really nice to see you thankying/remembering everone that helped you. :-)

    Cool post.

  7. Xbox Live, Bringing families together one achievement whore at a time. No apology needed BTW. If you didn't get me hooked, I wouldn't have found so many games I liked. Guess I owe you a thanks. I still blame you for all the crappy games I've played tho lol.