Monday, March 23, 2009

Swiss Cheese

Changing the way I play for achievements...for now

Grinding game after game after game I've decided to take the whatever whenever approach to gaining achievements and gamerscore. In the past and present I solely focus on a select few games until they are fully completed. Sure, I'm still going to complete most games especially the ones I enjoy. In regards to completion percentage, that will take the hit. So for the time being I'm going to see how I enjoy the new approach. I will always be going back to games and completing them when I'm ready to do so. I just hate forcing the issue when there is something I could be enjoying much more.

I'll give an example of what would happen in the past and what I'm trying to avoid now. I beat a game one time and I hate it. The game has achievements for playing it twice. I could either suffer though the game again or go onto something else. For the time being I'll be moving onto something else unless the game is very short.

A game like Resident Evil 5 I will play to completion 10 out of 10 times.. What I'm essentially doing is picking fun and gamerscore over completion. I think this way I will actually gain more over a period of time because I won't get as stagnant.

Just a test I suppose at least for a couple of months. This is no way me getting sick of achievements, just a way to keep things fresh.

So expect my gamercard to look like Swiss cheese for a bit.


  1. That's how I've been going about it basically. I'm not trying to get to your level of points, but just having fun. I'm super-picky, but there's a ton of games that I've enjoyed at the cost of completion %.

    Btw, congrats on making it to 300K! I would've commented on time, but I was busy all weekend. >_< I suppose it doesn't matter since I don't know you, buuuuut...there is a principle there. ;)

  2. So, basically, you're being Hayden now?

  3. I play the same way too mate.I got to a point of not being able to force myself to grind games out anymore.They eventually get done but the prime aim has to be fun.

  4. I have read all your blog posts in about a week, so I'm waiting for my Blog Read Achievement. =)

  5. Marx0r, lol. I haven't really noticed.

    Max. Achievement unlocked!

  6. You should have done this a while ago, I mean there is A 2rue Beast but he is another story lol ;)

  7. Lol,,nIce work dude...
    You'll have to hit me up for some Gears 2..
    Someones gotta watch your back while possums off gettin all the kills.