Sunday, March 1, 2009

In the moment: Sonic UGC

In the moment thoughts of games while I play them.

Alex kidd: Mario look a like. A little strange looking dude that can kick cars.

Alien Storm: This robot character looks like the tin man and can shoot electric bolts. The graphics look like classic TMNT.

Altered Beast: I just turned into a ware wolf. Was this before or after Teen Wolf? I played this about 8 years ago, still stinks.

Bonanza Brothers: Eat door cop, eat door. The characters look kinda cool.

Columns: Crappy Tetris clone.

Comix Zone: Had high hopes at first, then meh. Well done turner. OH YEAH!

Decap Attack: Mario stole the jump in between two walls from this game....sorta.

Ecco: I just talked to a dolphin, sweet! I think I saw Leonardo DiCaprio's body under some wreckage.

Ecco: The Tides of Time: I can't figure out how to eat fish for the achievement.

E-SWAT: There are these big guys in the second level that do nothing but sit there, what is the point of them? They must have large E-wenis's

Fatal Labyrinth: I never found this type of game to be fun, even 18 years ago.

Flicky: My favorite game on this disc thus far. Who doesn't like getting chicks?

Golden Axe: Jeff Bells claim to fame. Was it this bad two years ago when it came to the arcade?

Golden Axe II: I thought it was much better than 1, this time I used the girl.

Golden Axe III: I can't say much about it because I just let the enemies kill me so I could use magic 10 times.

Kid Chameleon: My fave so far, braid stole this guys big head and look. Hockey mask ftw.

Sonic 1: Straight up classic, still looks good to me.

Sonic 3: It looks like crap compared to Sonic 1, I do like tails though.

Streets of Rage: Knifes, bats, chicks with whips, and knees to the gut. Still fun.

Sonic 3D Blast: Is this when it all went down hill?

Sonic Spinball: A lot better than I expected. Apple told me it was hard, apple is nub.

Super Thunder Blade: Not so super

Beyond Oasis: It seems like it would be a decent game.

Shinobi III: Not too shabby, True ninja skills is the name of the achievement which is a stretch.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: The last game I played and probably my favorite of them all except for the true classic games such as Sonic. Rand is nub.

Overall: I had a good time with Sonic UGC. I think for a price tag of $30 your getting a pretty good deal. They need a disc like this with Dreamcast classics. Powerstone on arcade please!


  1. Hell Ya, Powerstone!
    That game stole All my time on Dreamcast..
    Well, that along with, space channel 5, and marvel v. Capcom 2.
    Those were the good ol'

  2. I thought Flicky was the best game on the disc too. The first Sonic has great visual style compared to the others.

  3. Too eat fish in the new echo, just zoom into 200 of them takes about 10-15 minutes mate :)