Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting closer

I still need 4,500 before I crack 300,000.

I did finish up Pure and Dead Space. I loved both of those games, Dead Space was crazy good. Pure, i'm not sure everyone will like it, but it reminded me of when I played SSX for the very first time back when the PS2 launched.

NCAA Basketball 09 was another one I completed over the last week or so. It took forever to get 75 online games played but Rand al turd and I got it done while having some fun. Illinois center #54 owns in this game, nickname Godzilla. So if you want to be cheap like Thor, pick Illinois every time.

Sega UGC was also conquered and I had a pretty good time with this. Not thrilling, but it was okay.

Street Figher IV is very fun, but why put a cheap boss like Seth in the game? Why Capcom? I think I'm around 500 points right now, I still need to finish a lot of the online stuff.

Shellshock 2 Terrible excuse for a game. I would say it's probably one of the worst FPS I've ever played. The good is that it is quick and easy. Stay far away if you looking for a challenge or some fun.

Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage overpriced for one since it only takes like 2 hours at most. Not really Fallout either as looting opportunities are completely gone. I just wasn't feeling this at all. Hopefully the next batch of content is better. I think if it was part of the original package I would of liked it more. Coming back to a game that you love for what it is and getting something completely different was not what I was looking for.

Banjo-Kazooie I played this game on my N64 back in the day and I loved it. I still love it, the game really holds up well after all these years. This is well worth the money.

Eat lead I really enjoyed my time with it. It's a mesh of Stranglehold, Kane and Lynch, Army of two, and Duke Nukem. The gun play and cover system is on par of what Army of Two has to offer. I thought the game was pretty dang funny, a good change of pace.

Next up is Halo Wars and Afro Samurai. I'm still hoping to crack 300,000 by next Wednesday. One week so I highly doubt I'll get it done by then.Bold


  1. Lets go Brother! 4.5k is a walk in the park. Forget Wednesday, pass 300k on Tuesday!

  2. Well Afro Samurai is a relatively easy 1000, a few achievements will take same time though. I8'd like to know what you think about it when you finish it.

  3. Gogogo we believe in you. =)

  4. The new Halo 3 cheeves that come with the mythic maps in the Limited Edition of Halo Wars are really easy

  5. I'll get those maps once they hit the marketplace. I'm hoping that happens by next week.

  6. Afro is full of win. I am still waiting on Pure =P.

  7. I found in my experience, as cru and yaz al thor can tell you, I struggled to get that last 4k or so.

    Keep giving tennessee a good name.

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  9. Bad company is now patched you can get 1000/1000 on it now!!!