Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gave birth to 300,000

Yesterday at 5:34 PM EST I finally crossed the 300,000 mark. I did not hit it on the dot as I got it when I finished the campaign of H. A. W. X. on extreme and got 3 for 180. That put me over the top at 300,003.

I would say this was the toughest hill to climb thus far 200,000 to 300,000. I feel a little worn down, but I'm still looking forward to raising the bar and challenging myself in new ways in the year to come.

I'm looking forward to getting 333,333, which is 1/3 of the overall goal

Thanks to everyone that sent me a message. I tried to send everyone a thanks that showed me some love. If you spent the time to send me a message, I figured I would return the favor.

I have so many people to thank but I'll save that for tomorrow.

For now I'm getting some sleep.

For those that want to call me out for not hitting 300,000 on the dot. Omega Deez aka Eddie Winslow says that's Urkel shit.


  1. Congrats, man.

    And I'm going to switch from "Completionist" to "Veteran" for most popular achievement name.

    17, not including "Veteran xxxx". I don't know why I still care about this.

  2. Congrats great effort!

    Looking forward to hitting 100k myself =)


    We have a tie with Hero:

  3. Congrats to 300k Stallion!

  4. Shreik:

    Oh, yeah?

    I win. :P