Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All your messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

WampisPL writes: how could you buy all of these games? PS, racing games are your weak point aren't they?

: I don't buy all my games. Racing games are really not my weak point, I'm actually very good at them when I put the time in.

BuletProofMunky writes
:yes u dirty horrible little shit faced smelly pikey basher:D

SuperNovaXX writes: Hey the name is Brian, I know you get a lot of messages and I hope I get a reply, anyways I just wanted to say you're a true definition of a hardcore gamer and you're an inspiration with your dedication, keep it up man and goodluck!

Answer: Thanks Brian.

KING 4D writes: saw your post on x360 forums and had to give it up to you and that gamerscore, much respect. i was wondering how you know how many achievements you have, bc the new dashboard doesn't tell you?

Answer: Trueachievements has a total achievement tracker. I hope they put it back on the dash myself.

Kahnefan98 writes: R U Bill Gates

Answer: I'm not nerdy enough to be Bill. Bill is the man though, filthy stinking rich and giving it back. That's awesome.

Very Huge O writes: First of all sorry 'bout the friends request Online trying send you messages If I was talking to Kobe I would say get those 3s But to you, you need some 1

Answer: Not sure what you mean here but it seems clever enough.

iMielke writes: i am prepared to give you 1 dolar for a friend request from you.

Answer: Sold. 99 more spots to be auctioned. Friends, don't get mad if you get the boot. I'd even stab Possum in the back for a buck. It's all about the Washington's baby.

supereugene41 writes: you are finally giving up because you are no longer no1, what a waste of 3 years... p.s hahahahah lakers lost wen u went to atlanta

Answer: First off, kiss my ass. Second, who gave you the idea I was giving up? Third, kiss my ass. I just read the message to possum, she said, "Kiss my ass you little twat."

S1N1S7ER writes: I challenge you to a guitar hero battle if i win then your gamerscore is for nothing and I think you have a paper gamerscore. You are my hero... not.

Answer: A paper gamerscore? When did gamerscore become a boxing event?

FFC LALIPRANDO writes: SUCK MY PENISSSSSSS!!!!!!! lol im so ******* happy!

Answer: Is this because I got passed by a few people on mygamercard? I'm guessing that's the reason you are so happy. Good, I'm glad you are happy. You will be sad again, it's just a matter of when.

lucas1987 writes:how in the world do u get people reset. that stupid dmd blackdragon just keeps adding games to his list. and now's he's passed u up and about to pass me on the family genre. these hackers r getting rediculous. i'm glad ur legit at least

Answer: Just give it time man, I'm sure everything will be taken care of eventually.
A 2rue boofer writes: sry didnt mean to send that one and also I wanted to congratulate you on reaching 300k it has been an amazing experience watching you get more gamerscore everyday and also I think i am one of your biggest fans im gunna get a custom t-shirt about you

Answer: Thank you. I need to see a picture of this custom T-shirt if it ever happens.

Puffy Funbags writes: Hey man. Congrats on the 300K. I helped a bit during our online matches for 007, where you fragged me endlessly on our way to the 500 kill cheev. I was GT Hollywood Child then. As a older gamer it's fun to watch all the young n00bs try & diss you. :)

Answer: I can't remember playing against you, but thanks for the congrats and keep on watching the young noobs diss. It will probably never end.

Swift Shadow UK writes:You are a filthy cheating c...... oh wait i thought you were StripClub DJ (the only legit part of him is his small penis) congrats on 300k =)

Answer: zero gamerscore would fall into the small Ewenis category.

VENOM MADNESS writes:Congrats on 300k but, don't you think it's a little tarnished by the fact that you have multiple copies of the same title? 2000 and 3000 points from Enchanted Arms. While I don't consider this cheating it does take something from your achievement.

Answer: No, I do not. There is a great deal of suffering involved when playing through enchanted arms three times. Damn you Rand al, damn you.

Daninthemix writes: you've probably been asked this before - how many 360s have died in your possession?

Answer: I've seen the red rings 10 times. A lot of those were off refurbished machines, but still.

II sOTwisted II writes: Yo Stallion your going down lolz my buddy DarKxMeSsiAs's is going to past you soon lol how does it fell ... haha

Answer: You need a new friend because that one will be sitting on a goose egg soon enough. Do I care? No, I don't care one bit.

MiaMi B3AST writes: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA suks man #2 dnt want 2 get u mad but im the reason Messias past u LOL

Answer: okay, thanks for sharing.

UNIQUE PANDA writes: yo man i'm not sure if you got 300 K yet but if not i'm sure you will shortly haha. congatulations anyway, you inspire me to get my score up haha. btw, i was reading your blog or whatever and i saw all those ppl hating on you. **** them dude your a beast!

A lot of people wrote: Congrats on 300k

Thank you


  1. Got to give it to you, man, you actually respond to all those messages? But this post in particular was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing that.