Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stallion vs Streak

Day 27

27 days in a row with a completed game

Unreal Tournament 3: I went back and got the previous glitched like the back of my hand achievement. It took around 5 hours tops.

Final achievement obtained in Unreal Tournament 3

I feel the streak may come to an end very soon. I have the games to keep it going for at least another week, but it's getting the best of me at the moment. I need a break for a few days. Recoup then come back and make a mad dash towards 300,000. I have some really good games sitting here that I want to play. Dead space for example is tempting me. I can't start playing it if I feel rushed. I need 80,000 more stars for 1,000 in lips and that may be the last game to the streak. I realize that I will never accomplished another streak like this ever again, so it is hard to let go of. I'm not quite sure what will happen. If it does end, I had a good run and it got me almost back on track. Stay tuned.

Complete a game a day streak stands at: 27


  1. If you can't keep the streak going, atleast make sure you hit platinum, maybe try doing another one if anybody ever comes close to your's. =P

    You had an awesome run though so you enjoy a break to enjoy dead space.

  2. Go for 30 or 31 days, and then you probably will need a break before games Halo Wars, Street Fighter, Resident Evil 5 and 50 Cents Blood on the Sand drag you back in.
    Mainly just the first three.

  3. i download games illegally from the internet

  4. Dude if you don't want to do it, and its making you feel miserable then just stop. You wont hurt anyone.

  5. ohhh the drama!!! should i or shouldn't i??

  6. The streak is a very impressive accomplishment. Even if you dot complete another game tomorrow, what you have done already is still awesome.

  7. You have become my new hero. Please continue with this streak