Friday, February 27, 2009

My horse and me: The secret shocking past of Stallion83

It took a while to dig up some pictures but I came through. Yes, that is me on my old horse Oscar. I use to ride horses in shows. I did this for about 2 or 3 years of my life, 3rd to 6th grade I believe. The type of horse riding I competed in was Western Riding. It's not like a horse racing competition, it's more like how elegant your horse looks while being under control type of show. Every contestant had to dress up, chaps and all.

My sister started out doing it, but somehow managed to get me into it. Not many people know how hard a person has to work to do these shows. So much preparation and practice go into these things. We would leave home weeks at a time to attend horse camps and horse shows out of the state. When we were not at school, we spent hours training with trainers an hour away from home. The rest of the time we had to care for our horses. Groom it, wash it, work it out, feed it, and clean it's crap. When it came show time, we had to glam the horses up, paint it's hoofs, etc. So much detail was put into the horse, it would take hours just to get it ready.

A little bit about my horse Oscar. His barn name was Oscar. His show name was A Spot of Scotch. He was a big time World Champion in flying lead change, not while I had him, before my family bought him. I think we bought him for $8,000. He would pop his bottom lip when he wanted cinnamon. I would buy him cinnamon sticks at Cracker Barrel. You could lead him around without a rope, you could just act like you had a rope and would follow along side you. My biggest accomplishment while I had him was 7th in showmanship at State competition. Out of every horse I've been around, Oscar had the most personality by far. I'm not sure where Oscar is today, but I hope he is doing well.

We just got over our heads with this whole horse thing. Too much, too quickly. We got pretty big time a few months before we called it quits. If you are buying horse saddles that cost $3,000 a piece, your getting a little over your head. Those things had silver all down them like this. I wish we never started going to competition, it would've been fun just riding around the farm. I think we ended up having 20 horses when it was all said and done. It was a draining time but I learned a lot of useful things in my 3 years.

I know a little something about how horses are groomed and maintained. I recently played and got all the achievements in My Horse and Me 2. People want to laugh when you have this on your gamercard. For me, it brought back childhood memories while playing it. I remembered so much stuff, I actually ended up having a lot of fun with it. Most people will not like this game at all. Although, if you've played jumper and pimp my ride, you owe it to yourself to became the secret stallion for one day and ride. YEE- HAW!!!

"It's important to comfort stallion. Stroke his neck, head, and body. They like this a lot and it helps remove a thoroughbred's tension"

That is my horse Stallion from my first play through of My horse and Me 2. The only thing missing from this picture is his extremely large E-Wenis.

On my second play through I named my horse Oscar of course. :)


  1. haha finally, you did not disappoint

  2. A truly fantastic post.

  3. I bow to thee for a trully great post.

  4. This explains everything. =P

  5. Interesting post... I havn't riden a horse since I was in middle school, but you did it alot more than I ever did. Reminds me, Cracker Barrel is a good place to eat if you don't mind waiting in those crappy store areas with stuff made in China to look at while you pass the time.

  6. LMAO you never cease to amazing me with info. haha!! Who would have ever thought Stallion Rode Horses ;)

  7. That's very cool. Also a little perspective on the My Horse & Me game. ;)

  8. A little perspective on the gamertag too.

  9. Gamertag was inspired by the Rocky movies, so it's just coincidence.

  10. sounds like a poor excuse for playing a shitty game...


  11. I would love to ride you stallion

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  13. Very willing, learns fast, has some pep in his step, handles the trail well, great feet....equine horses for sale

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