Saturday, February 7, 2009


Day 19, 20, & 21

Three weeks in a row with a completed game

Thursday 2/5/09
Civil War: Secret Missions: I like my generic shooters, but the aiming speed is not consistent or smooth. Other than that I like shooting people so I did enjoy this. It took me around 6 hours for the full 1,000. I won't recommend it for a purchase, but for easy points, give it a rent.

Final achievement obtained in Civil War

Friday 2/6/09
A Kingdom for Keflings: Being the first game that releases along side NXE and the first game to support avatars in game one would think it would be half baked. Not so much, this game is a brilliant little xbox live arcade title that had me addicted within the first 30 minutes of play. You are a giant that rules a kingdom of little Keflings. You manipulate these little guys to work for you. Which includes making them chop some wood or cut stone among other jobs. If they get out of line, give them a swift kick in tuckus or you can build a wall around one of them and put them in "time out." Omega Deez taught me that trick. You use the materials they gather to build buildings and make different parts from those buildings to build even more buildings. Eventually it all becomes a huge Kingdom with Keeps and Castles. I highly recommend this game it's well worth 10 bucks. The achievements are very easy overall and they come with just regular play with the exception of the two online achievements. Now get to whipping those Keflings into shape!

Final achievement obtained in A Kingdom for Keflings

Saturday 2/7/09
Disney Bolt: A surprise game that is actually really good. I believe this is right up there with Kung Fu Panda as one of the better kids games. It has quite a few collectibles to be found, but they are not very hidden. 7-8 hours and the full 1,000 is yours.

Final achievement Obtained in Bolt

Complete a game a day streak stands at: 21


  1. omg seriously?

    you are playing my horse and me 2??

    WOW, thats sick, dude, its only a score which means nothing, why are u playing such a fuckin shit game?

  2. I see someone isn't a horse lover. What happened? Did your wife or girlfriend run off with a nice black stallion?

    Look, before cars horses got our butts around, don't be hating. Your great grandpa would be all over this game, so have a little respect for him.

  3. My Horse and Me 2 pwns. as evidenced at ;-(

  4. hey stallion how difficult is the hardest difficulty of civil war?

  5. Easy,I did almost all the time trial achievements while playing it on hard.

  6. sweet i miay give it a rent then =P