Monday, February 16, 2009

All your voices are belong to me

If you thought it was safe to send voice messages instead of text, then think again. Your voice now belongs to me.

Gamertags marked with an * means explicit language, so ear muff those kids.

*LRGxMoney says:*

ii CREEPERz says:

*DOA xbr4shotx says:*

Blackitty 15 says:


  1. bah theif. now it's going to look like I am copy catting you when I do it -=P. Just be glad you get good voice messages more often than I do.

  2. You got served fro. haha

    I wish I kept some message from last month, the bulletwitch one in particular.

  3. Haha the kid begging to be on your friends list was priceless.

  4. LMAO. that was too funny!! good stuff!!! I'm glad I'm not you! I donut' think i could put up with all those whiny kids!! I think i would just Bitch slap them like i Bitch slap blind :o

    So your done with your Game's played streak, time to give me my games back now :p

  5. Is everyone with a headset like 15 now ... god its GTA 4 online all over again

  6. please please please stallion can i be on your friends list? pleeeeaaaaassseee

  7. lol was thath black kitty a girl?
    or a very young boy? sounded like a girl, the one begging to be one your frien list is the best xD

  8. #1 doesn't sound like me man, possum be illin! I sound like a white Sam Jackson. I'm sick of all deez mutha f***in snakes on dis mutha f***in plane. See, white Sam Jackson.

  9. I LOVE YOU..not really I don't know you. lol that made me laugh.

    Did you just use a capture card to get there voices?

  10. How do you even have time to play when your inbox is always filled with funny shit like this?

    Blackkitty's message could be a PSA about not smoking weed and voices messages.

  11. does that creeper kid realize he can just check to see what games you got your gamerscore in? his mom probably blocked looking at other peoples profiles lol.

    ps that kid lives up to his gamertag lol