Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2 more to the streak

Day 15 & 16
16 days in a row with a completed game

Sunday 2/1/09
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 08: There are a few long achievements in this game. Gold Card membership and EA sports gamernet 5000 take quite a bit of time. I can't really remember the exact amount of time it takes, but I would estimate 25-35 hours for the full 1,000. I don't really mind since I really enjoy the Tiger games now.

Final achievement obtained in Tiger Woods 08

Monday 2/2/09
Shadow Assault/ Tenchu Z: A fairly decent game, I believe it is a port from the Nintendo DS. The goal of the game is to sneak around and set traps up in a clever way. The enemies are on a set path and all you have to do is memorize their movements, set traps, and set traps in a way that combos enemies through various traps that are static on the map. That is pretty much it, you never use your sword to cut anyone because you can't. The A button sets traps and that's all you need to know. This one will take around 3 hours for the full 200.

Final achievement obtained in Shadow Assault/Tenchu z

Complete a game a day steak stands at:16


  1. Damn I thought that arcade would take a while.

  2. awww poor stallion:( your blog it's spam, your right people have nothing better to do lol!

  3. watch out stallion Winter"IMAGAMESAVER"xp is catching up to you!

  4. "Stolen, are you trying to get in Stallion's pants? You're so annoying how you post not only on his but other people's blogs all the time. Get a life."

    Says the guy who spams anonymous douchebag comments. Which one of you sounds more like a fat motherfucker with no life? I'm not picking Stolen on this one...

    Stallion, I think you should turn comment moderation on.

  5. Put your name on your comments so we all have the pleasure of knowing who you are. We all wish we could be as awesome as you clearly must be.

  6. I haven't had a problem up until now. I've been kind enough to let people say what they think, positive or negative.

    If it keeps up I will do that.

    Ferrara316, what evidence do you have?

  7. I am the spammer lololololol

  8. nice, i hate that tenchu game

  9. i dont have any evidence against Winter xp aside that he has jumped ridiculously up the leaderboards in short time. And his profile is set to private. Any one who has over 100,000 gamerscore and their profile is set to private is most likely a cheater. i guess we will know the next time microsoft does resets.

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