Saturday, February 21, 2009

The 10k Plan

I have around 10,000 to go before I crack the 300,000 mark. To be exact, I need 9,997 more. Here is a little outline of what I plan to do for the final 10,000.

Finish Pure and Dead Space: 855 Gamerscore

Fallout 3 DLC: 100 Gamerscore

NCAA Basketball 09

Street Fighter IV

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

Afro Samurai

Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection

Prince of Persia

Halo Wars

Halo Mythic map pack achievements

The maybes:

GTA Lost & The damned DLC

Need For Speed Undercover( Community race day will have to come up for me to do this one)

Call of Duty: World at War

Shel Shock 2

Disney Sing it: High school Musical 3(Ballin)

Eat Lead looks like a promising generic shooter.

Something else may pop up because there are a ton of games coming out soon.

Goal was to hit 300k by March 3rd which I don't think will happen because I'll try to enjoy some of these. My new goal is to hit it on March 10th or 11th, before I go out of town for a couple of days.

I want to hit 300,000 on the nose and my score is a little off at the moment at 290,003. I need either two 1 point achievements or one 2 pointer. I need some ideas on how to get it back in line.

I guess it's back to Dead Space for me. If you haven't played Dead Space, play it. I really missed out not playing this 4 months ago. When the sequel comes out it will be a day 1 purchase for me. Brilliant game in my opinion and the new face of the survival horror genre.


  1. Nice to meet you, Your Blog is fantastic, congrat, return more times, Cool blog just droping by here Smile

  2. Did you think about getting Sega Mega Drive Ultimate collection? I hear it's double points. Not sure if it's region free though.

  3. Summer Athletics for 1GS achievements, can be done in minutes it's very easy. :)

  4. I already played Summer Athletics. :(

  5. I know Football Manager 2006, Footbal Manager 2007 and Luxor 2 have some odd 1 or 2 point achievements.

  6. Maybe some from Forza?

  7. try playing sega arcade collection, that just came out. its 1k GP and most of the achievements can be obtained in arcades first levels

  8. I've already done forza 2. Thanks for the suggestions. I have football manager 2006 on my card but there is only a 3 pointer and a 6 pointer. That doesn't help me too much.

  9. eternal sonata has 321 point achievement if it helps you

  10. Finish BulletWitch and Marathon. 2 of your favorite gms.

  11. Omega has a point, you could do 2 runs of Hell mode on Bullet Witch. =p

  12. Orange Box too, but u probably achieved everything, ur screwed lol

  13. summer athletics pal or the 2 bulletwitches


    vist this link :)

  15. so what are you gonna do?

  16. There's an achievement in The Orange Box (Half-Life 2 to be exact) that's worth 2 gamerscore.

    I just thought you wanted to know. It's called 2 points and it involves shooting a ball through a basketball hoop and it's pretty easy.

  17. Haha, good luck on Street Fighter. You have to be good at it in order to get the achievments

  18. FIFA 09, play for 50 hours gives you 1 achievment point! lol

  19. Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! :)