Monday, February 2, 2009

10 things I would rather do than play Pimp My Ride

Sleep in the same bed as Richard Simmons

Listen to Paris Hilton talk about her "Feelings"

Eat a CRU sammich

Play Wii sports with 80 somethings at the old folks home

Give birth

Complete a different region buku game for 365 straight days

Eat Bull Testicles

Eat Human Testicles (no picture needed unless you are a hardcore lesbian)

Play Tumble Tower with a crack addict that still needs a fix

And finally, this....


  1. That last one was great!!

    haha eat my sammich lmao, hey im sure it was Grrrreat hell your cat ate it lolololololololololololololol

  2. I'm so happy someone knows who Bling Bling is lol!

  3. no ghost riding your whip? that makes Fro a sad panda.

  4. Love the last one. Hey CRU, why is it that every time Stallion makes a joke about food you are somehow involved?

  5. That last one was fucking great.

  6. @Tagwastaken
    haha cause that was the actual Sammich i mailed him haha!! and our awesome times boosting long boring games we always find something new out about each other. When we boosted Paintball he found out im willing to eat just about anything once lol!

  7. "Mailed him?!"
    You guys definitely make me laugh harder and harder with the more details I hear in your stories.

  8. How about Wearing Richard Simmons shorts, eating a Cru sandwich, while laying in the same bed as tumble tower dude while he pisses in his mouth in between talking about his feelings and 80's chick eating his testicles or playing pimp my ride?